Scree Troll (Basic Lore)

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Scree Troll

Scree Troll (CR 19)

Chaotic Evil - Large - Monstrous Humanoid (Giant)
Trolls are horrible dwellers in the outdoors, the uneasy smaller cousins of Giants, who are more tightly tied to the native world than either the Giants or their terrible cousins, the ogres.
Trolls tend to be tall and lanky, often with a stooped, hunched posture. Their faces tend to be long and narrow of feature, with filthy, rotten, but very sharp teeth, long flexible limbs, and a loose, shambling gait. Trolls almost always have razor sharp claws to go with their teeth, and tend to prefer fighting with their natural weapons.
Trolls are not comfortable with the trappings of civilization, and tend to live "as nature meant," without benefit of tools, fire, or clothing. Trolls can readily tolerate this lack of comforts due to their incredible powers of regeneration. Trolls are easy to hurt, but exceedingly hard to kill.
Trolls tend to have skin of shades of greens and greys, often with an amazing array of warts, moles, hairs, and other noisome protuberances. Troll eyes tend to be black, although milky white and shades of grey-blue are not unheard of.
Trolls are uniformly terrible. They delight in tormenting the weak and will eat fellow sentient creatures alive, entertained by their screams and pleas. Trolls will work with other terrible creatures such as orcs and norkers, have an uneasy love/hate relationship with their fatter cousins, the ogres, and tend to like and look up to the giants, especially frost giants, fire giants, death giants, and fomaorians.
Scree Trolls are as long and lanky as their weaker cousins, but unlike most trolls, scree trolls actually prefer to live in the open. They are called 'scree trolls' because they are often found on the debris slopes at the base of cliffs, but this is only unusual because almost nothing else will willingly live on such rocky, uncertain footing. In truth, scree trolls can be found anywhere outdoors, although they tend to prefer terrain with exposed rocks and with open sight lines. Other kinds of trolls like the dense forests.
Scree Trolls make rude camps, and will sometimes even have a stone-hearthed campfire. This isn't really to provide warmth, or the ability to cook. It's just that scree trolls love using fire to torment their victims, and keeping a fire running gives them a convenient place to burn alive whatever (or whoever) they have caught most recently. Stumbling upon a Scree Troll camp while the trolls are gone can shake even the most hardened of travelers, the litany of casual awfulness demonstrating the monster's utter callous lack of empathy.
Scree Trolls are hardy regenerators, like all trolls, and their affinity for loose rocks makes fighting them at a distance less than fun. Like all trolls, destroying these fiends as soon as they are found is the only safe policy.