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Condition Severity: Weak

   An enemy is employing non-lethal tactics against you in order to avoid killing you. That might not be good...


  • If you sustain damage sufficient to reduce your hit points to 0 or less, you stop taking damage at zero hit points, and can no longer suffer damage while this condition is in effect (with one exception; see below).
  • If you are reduced to 0 hit points while under the effects of this condition, you fall into a special form of Unconsciousness when the condition ends. See the 'ended by' section, below, for details.
  • The only way for an enemy to kill you with damage while this status condition is in effect is with a coup-de-grace attack. Coup-de-grace attacks are resolved normally against you, even if you are brought below 0 hit points or killed. (Find nicer enemies.)
  • Effects that are capable of killing you by some means other than damage can still kill you, even while under the effects of this condition.

Ended By

If the ability, trap, or effect description includes specific directions for how the condition is ended, then that is the primary means of ending this condition. In many cases, it is the only way to end the condition. If nothing is specifically listed for ending the condition, then the following methods can be used to end it, instead:

  • Unless otherwise stated, the Secured condition lasts until the start of your next turn.
  • If you are at 0 hit points when the condition ends, you fall into a special version of Unconsciousness. You do not awaken upon being restored to a positive hit point total. Instead, this unconsciousness cannot be ended until your hit points are restored back above your bloodied hit point value (half your maximum hit points, rounding down).
  • This is the ONLY way to remove this Unconscious state, short of a Wish or Miracle spell being cast upon you.