Selective Spell (Feat)

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Your allies need not fear friendly fire.

Prerequisites: Caster Level 1

Benefit: When casting a spell that has an instantaneous duration and an area effect, you may exclude one or more creatures of your choosing from within the affected area. Excluded creatures suffer no effects from the spell, as though they were completely outside the area of effect. The first creature you choose to exclude from the affected area has no effect on the spell. However, for each excluded creature after the first, the save DC is reduced by 1 (per), and the effective character level of the spell is reduced by 1 (per) for damage purposes.

For example, a 10th level wizard casts Fireball (Sorcerer/Wizard Spell), but wishes to exclude 3 of their allies. The wizard's effective caster level is reduced to 8 (because the first excluded ally is 'free', and the remaining two reduce the spell's caster level from 10 to 8), and the save DC is reduced by 2 for all (remaining) affected creatures. As a result, the fireball only deals 8d6 points of damage, and is easier to resist. If the wizard chose their area of effect more carefully and only needed to exclude 1 ally, the spell would deal full damage, and have its normal save DC.

Spells that do not have an area of effect, have a duration greater than instantaneous (such as fog-type spells), or allow the caster to specifically choose which creatures in an area of effect are affected, do not benefit from this feat.

If a spell has a damage circle listed, it may still be modified by Mana Burning, but the final 'damage per character level' is calculated based on the modified character level.

Normal: All creatures within the area of effect are affected by the spell.