Spell Penetration (Feat)

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Your spells break through spell resistance more easily than most.

Prerequisites: None

Benefit: You get a +1 insight bonus on caster checks (a Bailiwick Skill check for the appropriate skill). Caster checks are used to overcome spell resistance or to resolve spells which emulate Combat Maneuvers.

Special: In most cases, insight bonuses to caster checks do not stack, except for other Spell Penetration feats (Spell Penetration, Greater (Feat) and Spell Penetration, Epic (Feat)) which do stack with the insight bonus provided by this feat. If an item, ability or spell effect grants an insight bonus to your caster checks, it does not stack with the bonus provided by this or any other Spell Penetration feats. Instead, only the highest available bonus is used.

If an item, ability or spell effect provides a bonus to your caster checks that is not an insight bonus (such as the Elf major racial trait "Invasive Magic" which is a racial bonus), it stacks with this feat.