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  • remove implements; change implement bonus to a class feature, granted to low bab casters when they are wielding any rod, staff, or wand.
  • metamagic rods - you must have the feat to use it. However, fewer or no limits on times per day or level of spell affected. Just removes the spell slot increase of the metamagic feat. Enhances the feat instead of replacing it
It would take a fair bit of looking around the site, but I'd love to mark all the feats, abilities, items, monster powers, etc. that require a battle mat to work properly as 'tactical', give them a keyword, and maybe a category.  This would let players and GM's who want to do 'theater of the mind' know quickly what things to avoid, or work around, if they don't have a battle mat.
  • want to discuss bonus types again
  • shield enhancement bonus stacks with armor enhancement bonus -- inconsistency; should rename shield enhance
  • cloak of resistance gives resist bonus to saves; only place this bonus type is used, afaik
  • other stacking armor types from magic items: natural, dodge, deflection -- do we really need all these?
  • would like to go through the major numbers of the game (skills, ac, to-hits, damage, etc.) and list out each possible bonus type, their max bonus (for each type) and get a sense of our ranges.
  • if you already know the spell, the first time in a day you read a scroll does not delete the scroll. Scrolls can’t take metamagic, or be mana-burned
  • integrate hustle rules on the Types of Movement page onto the Environmental Effects page.
  • magic item for increased duration of spells (e.g. two encounters), longer range for spells, etc.
  • Update Between Adventures section on Spell Research to clarify language about adding metamagic to a researched spell -- metamagic added /can/ increase the gross spell level above 17, just not be added as research to produce an infinitely metamagicked spell.

'Finishing' Epic Path

  • Spells pass -- update spells for Circles and Damage types, remove bonus types except for Arcane/Divine charges, limit targets, stateless duration, etc.
  • shapechange / polymorph / wild shape / mutagen -- update all these rules with a mini-system
  • The Great Splittening:
  • Update the SpellTableAid template to create redlinked page for the new caster type being worked on.
  • manually copy/paste each page into the new link
  • refresh spell page and look for any red links; if any, it means it wasn't copied over successfully.
  • create a new template for that caster type (e.g. Template:ClericSpell). Delete information not specific to that caster type, and update for arcane- or divine-specific language.
  • remove Category:Spells temporarily from new template
  • manually move each page to the new template
  • run Replace script to remove that class' spell level from any pages in the "Spells" category
  • delete any orphaned spell pages
  • review Spells category for any pages listed for that caster type (e.g. "(Cleric Spell)") -- since it was removed from this category, it should not appear; if it does, it is because it was not moved to the new template (it got missed). This is just a quality check.
  • review caster-specific category for any pages with just "(Spell)" in the name -- again, a quality check. Any hits indicate that the page still has a level in that caster type, despite the find-replace script.
  • Update template to be included in Category:Spells again.
  • search within the new category (e.g. Cleric Spells) for opposite bonus type (e.g. divine or arcane) and remove references.
  • search for text "(Spell)]]" and convert to appropriate link (e.g. "(Cleric Spell)]]")
  • All divine spells (cleric, paladin, druid?) should not have schools, but should have domains -- should wait on this until we re-do all the domains.
  • Need to talk about what Sorc/Wiz pages will be called. Obvious solution is "(Sorcerer / Wizard Spell)", but that's really long. Other options: "(Wizard Spell)" (update Sorc page to say they get Wizard spells), or "(Arcane Spell)". I don't want to use "(Spell)", even though it would be much less work, because it will cause some ambiguity issues for us.
  • PDF Character Sheet (Fillable) -- yes, this will happen
  • Magic Items -- need a LOT more of them for every slot, with specific items for each broad class of character: tank, striker, blaster, blapper, controller, leader, healer (heaviest emphasis on strikers, since most classes are, or can be, strikers)
  • Monsters -- at least 10 per CR. Still need CR's 19 through 40, but CR's 1 - 18 are done enough for now.
  • Domains and Bloodlines cleanup (or redo) -- at minimum, clear out dead links, make metamagic more available, make each one at least somewhat unique -- if we can't, we should scale back how many there are.

Cleanup Tasks

  • remove alignment based damage and DR/ER from game (monks, paladins, some monsters, magic weapon properties, magic armor properties)
  • Finish moving the following into their respective templates:
  • alchemist discoveries
  • rogue talents
  • fighter tactics
  • magic items (into new template)
  • magic properties - implements / armor / shields
  • need to update a lot of these in light of the new damage types changes, and ER / DR changes
  • Equipment pages -- finish them, clean out the stupid stuff
  • finish the Designing Skill Challenges section on the Game Master's Guide page.
  • Glossary of Terms page
  • Add definition of triggered free action
  • add some notes to the Spells page, regarding GM's adjudicating 'fluff' vs 'crunch'.
  • Specific examples are direct damage (crunch) vs. illusions (fluff).
  • Rules for bonuses from fluff which give general 'not to exceed' values.
  • plus for caster level (+1 to +3), and plus for creativity (+1 to +2).
  • need to update / create page for monster types and subtypes.
  • need to review any broken links to subtypes that we don't actually want to define (e.g. azata)
  • Update earth glide, tunneling, burrowing - cannot affect manufactured things (walls, doors, etc.); should also be noted in the Breaking Things page.
  • racial traits: normalize what levels you (might) improve your racial abilities, and add it into the class tables

Bonus Systems

  • Settlements and Sieges
  • Followers / Leadership / Large-Scale War Rules
  • Auramancy / Blood Magic
  • True Dweomers
  • Artifacts
  • Traps (as enemy combatants)
  • Remnants

Campaigns / Modules / Cosmology

All of this falls into the 'better to have the rules, and let some people ignore them, than not have them, and force the non-creative types to do it themselves' -- the same argument for why our game is so crunch-heavy.
  • Integrate a campaign world into the game (?) -- doesn't have to be Celegia, but it very well could be, if you want to give it a home.
  • Established set of gods -- multiple pantheons are okay, but I'd like some unified theory for why there are multiples
  • Write at least one starter dungeon module that showcases low level gameplay
  • ideally, this would be something we could print out in about 30 pages or less, plus pregen'ed characters, and hand out at Cons.
  • the online version should probably include a good starting town, as this seems to be a useful staple for many good modules.
  • on the 'print and take to cons' front, we probably also need a good 10-page-ish summary of how to play, especially at whatever levels the module takes place at (likely 1st - 3rd?).
  • Cosmology of Creation page should be tailored to suit our view of the campaign setting

Character Class Notes

  • Redo / update the Damage Analysis spreadsheet for each character class - painful, yes, but a lot has changed, and we'll need this data to keep our monsters tuned to the PC's.
  • Personalized BABs, ACs, MOs/MDs, Saves
  • customized full attacks -- most classes should get some benefit from a full attack action, even at level 1 (not necessarily additional attacks, though)
  • customized attacks of opportunity -- some classes might be able to use an AOO for something other than a bonus attack - shield bash, 5-foot step, etc. Provoking is still a thing, but doesn't always provoke a simple attack.
  • thicker class features (we still have some dead levels)
  • some class(es) may be able to activate command word magic items as a move or swift by spending hit points
  • some class(es) may be able to activate / augment mana burning by using scrolls (looking at rogues who dabble in casting, in particular)
  • Update Druid Wild Shape and Animal Companion class features
  • Update Wizard Familiar and Implement class features
  • Update Alchemist Mutagen class feature

Skill Fixes / Updates

  • Replace Skill Focus (Feat), and Skill Focus, Epic (Feat) with Skill Expert (Feat), Skill Specialist (Feat), and Skill Prodigy (Feat).
  • Skill Expert (Feat): +2 bonus to skill, crit on 19-20 (+5 to result), no longer critically fail on a 1
  • Skill Specialist (Feat): +2 bonus to skill, crit on 18-20 (+7 to result), new skill uses available (current epic skill uses)
  • Skill Prodigy (Feat): +1 bonus to skill, crit on 17-20 (+10 on result), new skill uses available (champions level super-hero stuff)
  • Perform: performance complexity - clarify to setting the CR of the song
  • same for entertaining an audience

Magic Item Notes

Do we want to keep the Magic Item Creation Rules, even as a reference for GM's creating their own new items? (I think yes, despite how much work that will be)

  • create a bunch of magic items that are useful for pure caster classes, to give them something to spend money on.
  • extend duration of spell
  • increase level cap on damage of spell (doesn't change scaling)
  • increase # of targets for spell
  • an item that can go into any slot (but must go into a slot) that grants 1 additional spell slot of a specified spell level.
  • consider deleting some of the less popular metamagic feats and turning them into magic items.
  • some items specific to styles of casting:
  • ray casters -- bonus ray; 5-foot step before and/or after casting ray; better damage;
  • aoe casters -- change AOE shape, larger AOE, add AOE to touch or single-target spell (?), 1 free 'selective' target
  • summoners -- more hp's, increased move speed; increased to-hit, damage, DR, ER, etc. -- one bonus effect per item
  • synergists -- increase damage from synergies; leaves condition in place (epic?)
  • create set of magic items for endless ammo (for each type), as well as clarifying costs of single expendable ammo
  • Haversacks:
  • 'normal' haversack - good weight capacity, low actual weight (5 lbs, regardless of what's in it), only a 3' diameter opening -- nothing bigger than 3' in any dimension can be shoved into it.
  • 'wide-mouthed' haversack - slightly less weight capacity, higher actual weight (10 lbs, regardless of what's in it), no limit to size of things you can shove into it, as long as it doesn't exceed weight capacity of bag.
  • 'quick-draw' haversack - x times per day, draw an item from the sack as a free action (instead of swift). lower weight capacity, but otherwise same as 'normal' haversack.
  • 'kidnapper's' haversack - can keep willing (or helpless) living things in the sack, in a state of stasis. 30 lbs actual weight.
  • 'smuggler's haversack - looks like a shirt, takes up chest slot (isn't slotless). 1 lbs actual weight, but less the capacity than a normal one (half?).
  • bags of holding could still be auxiliary storage, and we could add a consumable trait to them, allowing them to be permanently merged with a haversack to increase it's storage capacity somewhat.
  • this increase would (maybe) get blown away if/when the haversack gets upgraded, so it's a short-term means of bridging the gap to the next haversack model.
  • would need to make it more expensive to tack on enough bags of holding to bring the haversack up to the next equivalent weight class.
  • get rid of synergy bonus for multiple enchants on single items.
    • instead, first enchant is normal cost, any additional enchants cost double.
  • slotless items which are only available as slotless items (e.g. handy haversack, flying carpet, etc.) are normally priced
    • items which are normally "slotted" items but are converted to slotless cost triple normal price.
  • create some non-magical ways of adding +to-hit and +damage to weapons/shields/armor/implements
    • will not stack with magic, but cannot be suppressed by anti-magic/dispel, etc.
    • instead of costing more, I think they just shouldn't go as high as +9
    • no properties? (we could, but it would be a lot of work that we don't really need to do right now)
      • quenches of oil, water, brine, blood for +to-hit
      • tempers of single, triple, and seven-fold for +base damage

Siege Weapons / Settlements Notes

  • review 'breaking objects' page, in light of changes to vehicle combat and removal of abstract encounters rules
  • siege weapons - how do they work with the vehicle combat rules?
    • unless we want siege weapons to continue to be cumulative forces, though it seems like people hated all the dice rolling of the abstract encounters
    • right now, vehicles will never penetrate heavy defenses and fortifications; the target DC's are way too high, as are many of the durabilities
  • add weights for all doors and such on the 'breaking objects' page, for purposes of the Might skill.

New Feats Notes

    • Warlord - more formation dice
    • Ranger - more quarry dice
    • Ranger - better traps (better action economy, use against an occupied space)
    • Prowler - improve save DC for encroaching jolt?
    • add a feat to allow "deny saving throw" under Heal to be non-provoking, and take only a move action (no bonus to check)
    • Update/Remove any feats which apply to abstract encounters
    • Review barbarian feats again
    • Fighter - able to challenge one additional target each round (epic?)
    • agile runner - able to make a single turn during a run movement (scale w/level? require the Runner (Feat)?)

DR / ER Notes

  • create a dr type ‘mundane/non-magic’ (do we need this? If so, which monsters have magical natural attacks vs mundane?)

Spells Pass Notes

  • review Icy Prison (Spell) and Icy Prison, Mass (Spell). Too powerful for being the same caster level as Hold Person, but good flavor.
  • make sure bonus types like "enhancement bonus," "competence bonus," "morale bonus," etc. do not appear in spells... Spells which have any bonus types should lay a charge, making the bonus type 'arcane' or 'divine' or 'dual'.

Bonus Types

There are 29 bonus types:

  • Untyped Bonus
  • Alchemical Bonus
  • Armor Bonus
  • Armor Enhancement Bonus
  • Circumstance Bonus
  • Competence Bonus
  • Deflection Bonus
  • Dodge Bonus
  • Enhancement Bonus
  • Feat Bonus
  • Inherent Bonus
  • Insight Bonus
  • Integral Bonus
  • Level Bonus
  • Luck Bonus
  • Martial Bonus
  • Material Bonus
  • Morale Bonus
  • Natural Armor Bonus
  • Profane Bonus
  • Racial Bonus
  • Resistance Bonus
  • Retraining Bonus
  • Sacred Bonus
  • Shield Bonus
  • Shield Enhancement Bonus
  • Size Bonus
  • Training Bonus
  • Weapon Bonus

Based on current plan for magic redo, the following bonus types might be eliminated:

  • Alchemical Bonus
  • Competence Bonus (?) - does a bard's performance count as a "charge"?
  • Insight Bonus
  • Luck Bonus
  • Martial Bonus (?) - does a warlord's battle standard count as a "charge"?
  • Morale Bonus
  • Profane Bonus
  • Sacred Bonus

to be replaced with:

  • arcane bonus
  • divine bonus
  • vital bonus (both arcane & divine)

Possible New Character Classes

  • Physical Adept class (Fleshcrafter?) - arcane-powered melee, re-tool eidolon-style abilities as self-buffs
  • Mentat Warsage Storm Knight class - intelligence-based melee and thrown weapons user.
  • Toxotes - high damage ranged attacks, trick shots (possibly just create via new rogue talents?)
  • Galvanist
  • Seeker
  • Templar
  • Effigy (Artifact? Vestige?)
  • the character is an actual artifact, which is intelligent. The actual artifact is /somewhere/, though even the player may not know where. They have extended their consciousness into a remote effigy (moppet?) with which they interact with the world.
  • they can use their experience to augment their effigy, giving it better abilities
  • like a summoner or pet class, except that the master isn't present on the battlefield
  • Assassin
  • inflicts and spreads bleeds; can end all bleeds to deal that much damage to all enemies (even non-bleeding ones)

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