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  • Boots (hessian, cossack, cavalry, jack), slippers, sandals, shoes, footwraps, clogs, cleats, mocassin, crampons, solleret, greaves, espadrille, talaria (winged sandals), Caligae, poleyns (knee armor), gaiters, stockings, socks, jodhpurs

Templates For New Items

  • Weapon Base Prices - used as base price for all items unless price-nudge field is left blank

boots of the cat = minus 1 from each die of falling damage, scales to -9 (which is very useful for falls on other Planes). scales to include damage from collisions (including avalanches, tsunamis, flash floods, lava flows, and collapses), falling objects, and thrown objects.  has zero effect on saves.
boots of the enduring march = allows you to force march for one hour per day for free. scales to nine hours per day, or, 17 hours total. adds one mile per hour of overland travel per 'plus'. gives DR and ER versus all environmental damage, both lethal and non-lethal, with some scaling factor (1-5 for non-lethal?, nine to sixty-four for lethal?). 
horseshoes of x = only gives a benefit while mounted, change this into several items called 'riding tack' that does various things, all very good for mounts.
sandals of quick reaction = as written, scale properly, also add grants an extra free-action move action 1/day scaling to 1/encounter
slippers of cloudwalking = combine with sandals of the lightest step, scaling greater flight speed, with some restrictions early
slippers of spider climbing = scaling greater climb speed
haunted shoes = love the optics of this, and the item is pretty cool, to boot. add in a hosteling effect like armor of hosteling to show there is a ghost space in the shoes, add in scaling buffs, add in hand of the magus effects
boots of escape = small bonus to escape artists always, scaling. larger bonus when tied or bound, or to break status conditions
earth root boots = scaling forced move resists, 1 to 5, plus bonus to Maneuver offense and maneuver defense, 1 to 5
caltrop boots = does heavy scaling damage creatures that enter all squares walked through, for a move action, a swift action, during a move action, or an immediate action
tremor boots = scaling tremorsense.  yowsers.  combine with earth root boots?  add in airsense at upper levels?
shoes of lightning leaping = as written, scale appropriately. these are EXPENSIVE at the top end (teleport plus big attacks, yikes)
verdant boots = 1 square of difficult terrain for a standard action, scaling to impeded and blocked, scaling to move action, swift action, during a move, to immediate.
winged boots = scaling lesser flight speed, never gets better than lesser flight, but can get FAST
firewalker shoes = as written, but scaling fire resist as well as lava powers.  although, lava is nasty enough this is a darn nice thing all by itself.
dryad sandals = as written
getaway boots = as written, scaling
boots of teleportation = call these seven league boots, scale as shadow walk
slippers of the triton = gains a scaling lesser swim speed. never gets better, but can get FAST.