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Example Magic Staves

The magic staves listed below are simply a sampling of the possibilities. Any three rods, and any one wand can be combined to make a magic staff. As a result, there are millions of possible combinations — far too many to attempt to list them all.

Magic Item Name Description Cost

Staves always have the following traits:

  • all staves can be used as a normal melee weapon (a quarterstaff), OR they can be used to make melee touch attacks.
  • If you use touch attacks, you don't get to add your STR modifier to the damage.
  • all staves have 3 spells on them, selected at purchase, max 4th spell level, just like rods.
  • all staves have 10 charges that automatically come back after a full night's rest. Cannot be boosted or recharged with manastones.
  • 0th level spells cost no charges, 1st level spells cost 1 charge, 2nd level spells cost 2 charges, 3rd level spells cost 3 charges, and 4th level spells cost 4 charges.
  • all staves also have 1 wand effect on them, which affects the caster's spells, and/or the spells castable through the staff...
  • when purchasing a staff, the buyer picks 3 rods, and 1 wand, and totals the cost of all 4 to get the price of the staff.

I already put in rules for multiple instances of the same rod lowering the action required to cast.
I'm still interested in a conversation about the right number of charges per day for a staff.  I'm open to bumping it up to 15, if we think 10 is too restrictive, especially given how expensive these puppies are...  That said, with the "multiple identical rods give lower action economy" change, adding more charges runs the risk of making that powerful enough to outshine a caster, if we're not careful.  It's effectively epic level quicken if you have 3 of the same rod (cast 3 times per round).
yes, staves can be used by anyone if they make a UMD roll.  Most wands, however, will be of limited use to non-casters, since they likely won't own the metamagic feat needed to use the wand.
  • Staff of Power
  • Staff of One Hundred Hands
  • Staff of Summoning
  • Fortification Staff (wall spells)
  • Upheaval Staff (pillar spells)
  • Staff of the Burning Man