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  • Amulets, brooches, necklaces, aegis, scarab, clasp, medallion, ruff, carcanet, periapt, pendant, collar, gorget, ampule, choker, ascot, necktie, frill, locket , cameo, cravat, tippet

Templates For New Items

  • Weapon Base Prices - used as base price for all items unless price-nudge field is left blank
Righteous Strength Amulet = cleric/pal item, adds bonuses to smite, castigate, channel, etc.
Stormlure = like necklace of fire, except lightning damage
necklace of netted stars = like necklace of fire but epic only, does rare stellar damage
Feychild Necklace = planar amulet lets you travel to the First World as Plane Shift, grants you 5 points of elemental resistance, and has scaling sense/offenses while in the First World
periapt of health = immune to all diseases and poisons, scaling to higher CR's as you spend more money
Everwake Pendant =  adds extra days to out of combat training stuff
Necklace of Adaptation = add in defenses against environmental pins? or does that step on the freedom of movement too much?
 maybe add reduces pinned to grappled, which is fantastic for cave-ins and avalanches and collapses, oh my....

forge fist amulet = adds bonuses to making magic items. (maybe?)
amulet of auric amenity = for a wizard, changes your school to a different school, for a given spell level, higher levels do better things.  for non-wizard, grants minor spellcasting at very high levels  (make so stacks with rogue talents, maybe add bonuses to Su and Sp class/race abilities?)
ampoule of false blood = for a sorc, changes your bloodline to a different bloodline, higher levels do better things for non-sorc, grants minor spellcasting at very high levels (maybe add bonuses to Su and Sp class/race abilities?)