Town Guard Squadron (Basic Lore)

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Town Guard Squadron

Town Guard Squadron (CR 10)

Usually Lawful - Medium - Troop (Humanoid)
A squadron of town guards is a squad of approximately 16 to 20 town guardsmen who have been trained to act as a single fighting force in combat. Because of this coordination, town guard squadrons are actually significant threats and ample defenders of a town, even against some of the mightier threats a town might face, such as ogres and orcs.
Most towns have dozens of town guard squadrons, and significant defense points, such as city gates, might have several squadrons on duty at all times. Larger villages and cities likely also utilize these squadrons to police the cities, ensuring the citizens are protected from lawbreakers and banditry. Of course, not all town guard squadrons are quite so noble, and it is not unheard of for squadrons to partake of a little banditry themselves.