Traps and Hazards

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Traps have the following major traits:

  • a DC to notice the trap
  • a DC to disable the trap
  • target size (how big of an area it affects, or how many creatures it targets)
  • a Reflex save DC
  • Damage dealt, and any status conditions or special effects it inflicts (usually save for half, negating effects)
  • Trigger description (what sets it off)
    • Triggering area size / size of trap (if applicable; can be different from size of trap's effect)

A trap will also sometimes have secondary traits:

  • Cost of trap's components
  • a DC to assemble / set the trap

Often, these secondary traits only matter if a player-character is setting the trap. Obviously, the cost of a trap is directly proportional to how powerful each of the trap's major traits are.