Troll Berserker (Basic Lore)

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Troll Berserker

Troll Berserker (CR 14)

Chaotic Evil - Large - Humanoid (Giant)
Troll Berserkers are feral trolls which have abandoned the niceties of normal troll "society", preferring instead to kill anything and everything they come across. While many trolls are cunning and foster a sense of cruelty, berserker trolls are straightforward menaces of brutal savagery and aggression. They are extraordinarily territorial, rarely venturing from their own claimed areas, but meting out swift retribution against any trespassers.
Troll Berserkers are tall, lanky and unkempt, and their skin is pocked with stony growths. They yell a lot during battles, and slaver incoherently when not fighting. It is unclear what sets a troll onto the course of becoming a berserker, but it seems obvious that trolls which take this path never return from it.