True Dweomers

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WIP! This system is under development.

True Dweomers are an old Epic system for magics 'better than spells'. Since it is a high-epic system, it is lower on the priority list and may develop slowly.

We have every intention of integrating these rules into Epic Path as the game matures, but it may be a while!

In the meantime, if you are an Epic caster we have LOTS of metamagic feats available that will allow you to use all those high-level spell slots. Few things are more fun than a Heightened, Perfected Wish. :)

System and Structure

  • damage scaling

Pre-Epic, spells generally do 1d6 per caster level to a hard cap, 10d6-ish at 3rd level, somewhat higher above. Combined with metamagic, this allows up to 12 points per caster level of the spell, to a cap.

True Dweomers do MUCH more damage. Spell damage is the caster level squared, ranging from 20x20 (400 base) to 35x35 (1225 base), before metamagic.

  • range

true Dweomers can use any range

  • area of effect

true dweomers with AOE's tend to be LARGE, up to thousands of feet, miles, even leagues.

  • saves

true dweomers follow the basic rule 'no auto effects', but may impose severe save penalties in exchange for smaller range and/or area of effect, to the extreme of the example below "Corrupt Dweomers"

Current status

  • True Dweomers - data compilation begun
  • Interoperate with Abstract actions/become ritual magics?
  • Some casting times measured as a standard action usable in Real-Time, some casting times measured in Intervals?
  • Require skill rolls vs DC's to cast? (Old idea, but, it kind of works with the new systems pretty good....)
  • Example, to cast a True Dweomer in combat time requires a Bailiwick Skill Roll vs a Challenging DC for the Caster level.
  • Casting a True Dweomer as a ritual takes much longer and more 'stuff' (magic circle, altar, implements and unguents, horrifying sacrifices, etc) but does not require a bailiwick skill roll.

Examples of new True Dweomers

  • 10th Corrupt Dweomers: Target a foe, any items they have no longer give them a bonus until the end of the encounter. If the items have a CL of 20 or below, there is no roll. If the items have a CL of 21 or higher, make a Caster Check vs a target of 10+ the CL of each item. If it succeeds, the item no longer gives a bonus until the end of the encounter. If it fails, there is no effect.
  • 11th
  • 12th
  • 13th Accursed Dweomers: As Corrupt Dweomers, except any affected items inflict a penalty equal to their normal bonus until the end of the encounter.
  • 14th

Examples of new Feats

Truemagic Feats
  • Truemagic Scribe - learn one new true dweomer of 10th level
  • Truemagic Supplicant - learn two new true dweomers of 10th or 11th levels
  • Truemagic Ordained - learn three new true dweomers of 10th thru 12th levels
  • Truemagic Nominate - learn four new true dweomers of 10th thru 13th levels
  • Truemagic Magus - learn five new true dweomers of 10th thru 14th levels