Two-Bladed Sword (Weapon)

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Two-Bladed Sword 2-Hand / Exotic [edit]
Two-Bladed Sword
Cost Sm Dmg Med Dmg Large Dmg Crit Range Wt Type
100 gp 1d8/1d8 1d10/1d10 2d8/2d8 19-20 x2 - 10 lbs Slashing (physical, common) or Piercing (physical, common)
Weapon Qualities: Double
A two-bladed sword is a beautiful thing to watch in the hands of a skilled user. Take two bastard swords, put them end-to-end, and you have created a two-bladed sword. They are used in a series of fast, graceful arcs, spins and sweeps as the user attacks with both ends at once to devastating effect. The two-bladed sword belongs to the "Blades, Heavy" and "Double" weapon groups.