Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat)

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You are skilled at fighting while unarmed.

Prerequisites: Level 1

Unlocks: Adroit Defender (Feat), Adroit Diversion (Feat), Adroit Doom (Feat), Bleeding Attack (Feat),

Knockout Artist (Feat), Ghost Sundering Palm (Feat), Gorgon's Fist (Feat), Jawbreaker (Feat),

Perfect Strike (Feat), Rattling Fist (Feat), Rattling Fist, Improved (Feat), Scorpion Style (Feat),

Vicious Stomp (Feat)

Benefit: When you attack with an unarmed strike, you deal 1d6 base weapon damage instead of the base weapon damage listed for your size. This base weapon damage is unaffected by your character's size.

Special: Monks and Brawlers both receive this feat for free as a bonus feat at 1st level, however, it provides them no direct benefits, since their own class features grant them better damage with their unarmed strikes. They can, however, use this feat to qualify for other feats that require it as a prerequisite.