Weapon Supremacy (Feat)

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You begin to touch the skill levels necessary to truly master a weapon, catching a glimpse of the power you could achieve.

Prerequisites: <Fighter 21 -OR- level 31>, Weapon Focus (Feat), Weapon Focus, Greater (Feat), Weapon Focus, Epic (Feat), and, Weapon Specialization (Feat), Weapon Specialization, Greater (Feat), Weapon Specialization, Epic (Feat), in the chosen weapon

Unlocks: Meisterhau (Feat), Ultimate Mastery (Feat), Thousand Arms (Feat), Tide of Iron (Feat),

Vacuum Slash (Feat), White Gale (Feat), Cyclone Strike (Feat),

Piercing Thrust (Feat), Spear of Wind (Feat), Lance of Heaven (Feat),

Foe Breaker (Feat), World Breaker (Feat), God Breaker (Feat)

Benefit: Gain a +1 to hit and +2 to base weapon damage with the chosen weapon. These bonuses stack with those from the Weapon Focus/Weapon Specialization progression. You gain +1 Maneuver Offense and Maneuver Defense while wielding your chosen weapon. While wielding your chosen weapon, your weapon cannot be sundered unless you wish it.

Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. Its effects do not stack, instead apply the feat to a new weapon each time.