Amulet of Natural Armor +9

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Amulet of Natural Armor +9

CL 33 Neck Slot Item • Overwhelming Abjuration
Cost: 12,500,000 gp
Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Family: Amulet of Natural Armor

The Amulet of Natural Armor is a simple but incredibly useful protective magic item, worn around the neck. The magic within it toughens the actual flesh, blood, and bone of the wearer, making them more durable against physical harm, so much so that sword blows may glance off their seemingly supple skin, and even heavy blows from a mace, or the dart of an arrow, may ricochet harmlessly.

That said, the protection of an Amulet is not perfect, and if a lucky blow manages to overcome the magic, those blows do full normal damage. There are other protective measures to look at for such situations...for a price.

An Amulet of Natural Armor is a high-quality piece of jewelry, which comes in a myriad of designs. It is possible that no two are identical, although such a thing would be tough to prove. They may be simple, burly affairs of hammered steel plate, black from the forge and bearing the hammer-marks of the smith, they may be delicate things of ivory with lacy, lovely scrimshaw, they may be masterworks of the jewelers craft, in gold, silver, and finer metals. They may be plain, or bear intaglios of loved ones, symbols of gods or totem beasts, favored weapons, heraldry, incriptions of mottos both bloodthirsty and merciful, and many more variants besides.

Every Amulet, however, is remarkably hard to damage, no matter the appearance, and is obviously a powerful magical device. Someone wearing an Amulet of Natural Armor is someone who is ready for trouble.

An Amulet of Natural Armor +9 provides a +9 Enhancement Bonus to Natural Armor

The owner of this magic item must wear it continuously for 24 hours to attune it to their aura, and until that time has passed, it provides no benefits to the wearer.

Creation: Creator (Feat), Epic Creator (Feat), Bailiwick Check (DC 76 (10 + double CL)), Vital (tier 6) remnant, An item symbolic of the enchantment, 6,250,000 gp (minus cost of symbolic item).