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Auramancy WIP! This system is under development!

The Auramancy system is currently aimed at a specific campaign world, and is roughly based upon an update of the old Birthright rules for 4e. (Ah, good times!)

This will be updated as time permits into a 'sideband' system for people who are uncomfortable with the very high power levels, but want a way of giving characters more strength without raising the play level.

This is fairly low priority, so it may be a while before this gets an update pass.

The Celestial Interlace

In the lands around a Veil, there is no longer a Celestial Cascade in the purest sense. Long, long ago, in the First Realm, the Northern Sorcerers sought to take the power of the Celestial Sphere and channel it into themselves, stealing the power of the gods and taking it for themselves.

They failed.

As they watched their efforts begin to unravel, those age-ago geniuses quickly redirected their rapidly-unwinding magical travesty and stood up the First Veil, a chaotic destructive force, in which a shattered Celestial Sphere competes with a mirror of itself, a Geomantic Sphere, in unceasing, high-frequency resonance. The First Veil stands to this day, seeming eternal. All other Veils are gentler, tamer copies of it, more tractable, more controllable, but terrible nonetheless.

The Northern Sorcerers had dared to pluck a perfect string - the Celestial Sphere, and the string had shattered in twain. Two opposing, infinite, strands of resonating force, perfectly out of sync with one another, but always mirrors. The vibrating frequencies, strongest at the Veil, are too intense for life to exist.

But as these frequencies diminish, as one travels away from the First Veil, an interesting side effect occurs - Geomantic Auras. Blood magic, aura magic.