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Dragonborn Blazespawn

Dragonborn Blazespawn (CR 15)

Neutral Evil - Medium - Monstrous Humanoid (Dragon)
Dragonborn Blazebrothers are the henchmen for the red dragons. They may be used as standalone monsters, although the presence of a Dragon improves them greatly.
Where the Dragonborn come from is a mystery. Are they young dragons? Are they degenerate humanoids, corrupted by dragon magics to the draconian ideal? Are they a slave or servant race which lives in secret enclaves?
No one knows. All that is known for sure is, more often than not, where there are dragons, there are often dragonborn.


Lore Check: Know (Nature) (Basic: DC 30; Full: DC 45)
Init: +30
Ambush Chance: 10+ on d20 (req's 1 minute prep)
Senses: Standard Senses, Darkvision 60 ft.
Passive Perception: 37 (Spot: +27, req's move action)


AC: 37
Maneuver Defense (MD): 39
Hit Points: 328     (Bloodied Value: 164)    Hit Dice: 29
Fort: +18    Refl: +14    Will: +14
Special Defenses:
Strong Against:
  • (Dragon 1) Immune (no effect): magical sleep (drowsy, sluggish, asleep), paralyzed, stunned
  • (Dragon 2) Immune (no effect): sonic (energy, common)
  • (Dragon 3) Immune (no effect): fear
  • Immune (no effect): fire damage
Weak Against:


Movement Types: Walk 30 ft., Lesser Flight 120 ft.
Space / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Standard Attack:
  • 1x Fiery Saber +24 (3d8+16/19-20 x2) as (undefined damage type); plus Burned
Full Attack:
  • 3x Fiery Saber +24 (3d8+16/19-20 x2) as (undefined damage type); plus Burned
Standard Ranged:
  • 1x Burning Careen +24 (3d8+16/19-20 x2) as (undefined damage type) (Increment: 30 ft.; Max Range: 150 ft.) ; Deceptive (target is flat-footed vs. first attack), plus Burned
Full Ranged:
  • 3x Burning Careen +24 (3d8+16/19-20 x2) as (undefined damage type) (Increment: 30 ft.; Max Range: 150 ft.) ; Deceptive (target is flat-footed vs. first attack), plus Burned
Maneuver Offense: +24
Siege Damage: Not siege capable
Special Attacks: Dragontouched, Dragonborne
Action Points: 0


Str: 22    Dex: 18    Con: 20    Int: 15    Wis: 14    Cha: 16
Feats: Combat Reflexes (EFFECT: Monsters with this feat make up to 4 attacks of opportunity per round instead of one.)
Languages: Draconic, Common

Special Abilities

Dragontouched (Ex)

Blazespawn Dragonborn are immune to fire damage and get ER against a dragon's terrible roars. All of their weapons are wreathed in fire if they wish them to be (free action to light or extinguish the fire) and if they attack with their burning weapons, any victims struck gain the Burned condition until the end of the encounter. Even worse, they gain a +1 to-hit against any creature suffering from the Burned condition.

Dragonborne (Su)

Whenever a Blazespawn is able to perceive a dragon's breath weapon which does fire damage, they may, as a triggered free action, teleport, as Lesser Teleport, up to 60 feet as long as they end the teleport inside the area of effect of the dragon's breath.

Combat Tactics

The primary role of the Dragonborn Blazespawn in combat is to apply endless, unrelenting pressure on the enemies of their dragon. They will teleport into every breath weapon as the dragon attacks, flanking any victims caught in the breath. Failing that, they will use the dragon's breath to close with enemies, attacking with fiery balls of solid flame and their fiery swords, charging to the attack if they must but preferring to spread their deceptive attacks around their enemies. if they can, they will set up flanks for their dragon, or use their tremendous fly speed to dart to the rear of any encounter and attack any support or ranged attackers.
The Blazespawn also have combat reflexes, enabling them to provide significant disincentive for foes to attempt to move past them. As a result, they often leave gaps in their own lines (if there is more than one present) to enable such foolishness.

Out of Combat

Blazespawn are the hard, zealous core believers of a Red Dragon's personal Church. Their fanatical belief in their dragon is unshakable, and every one of them secretly hopes that if some foe manages to overcome their dragon, by some vile trickery, that THEY will be the one to grow into the next incarnation of the Great Beast.


XP: 51,200
Treasure: Sellable Goods worth 32,125 gp.
Weight: 160 lbs.     Volume: 6 cu ft
Optional Treasure Rules: Roll on the following table once per encounter (NOT per creature). Any items discovered are in addition to the normal treasure for the encounter.
Table 1: Roll a d20:
Result Remnant Found (If Any)
1 - 10 Nothing Found
11 - 14 1 Languid Remnant (tier 1)
15 - 17 1 Pale Remnant (tier 2)
18 - 19 1 Bright Remnant (tier 3)
20 Roll on Table 2
Table 2: Roll a d20:
Result Remnant(s) Found
1 - 5 3 Languid Remnants (tier 1)
6 - 10 3 Pale Remnants (tier 2)
11 - 14 1 Intense Remnant (tier 4)
15 - 17 1 Blazing Remnant (tier 5)
18 - 19 1 Vital Remnant (tier 6)
20 Roll on Table 3
Table 3: Roll a d20:
Result Remnant(s) Found
1 - 5 3 Bright Remnants (tier 3)
6 - 8 3 Intense Remnants (tier 4)
9 - 11 3 Blazing Remnants (tier 5)
12 - 14 3 Vital Remnants (tier 6)
15 - 17 1 Prime Remnant (tier 7)
18 - 19 1 Mythic Remnant (tier 8)
20 1 Empyrean Remnant (tier 9)