Bottomless Bag of Holding

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Bottomless Bag of Holding

CL 18 Slotless Item • Moderate Illusion
Cost: 126,000 gp
Weight: 50 lbs.
Family: Bag of Holding

The humble Bag of Holding is one of those items that gets no glory. Stories are told of fantastic and awe-inspiring weapons of legend, tales are spun about deadly Wands used to crisp enemies, even armor is frequently spoken of in glowing terms, but nobody ever writes poems to the mundane wonder of the Bag of Holding.

But everyone likes having a Bag of Holding around.

The Bag of Holding is a simple but remarkably powerful magical device. It is not fancy, like a Bespoke Haversack, nor is it clever and fun, like a Hidden Jewelbox, nor is it as enormous as a Ghost Room. The appeal of the Bag of Holding is that it does its job, carrying lots of stuff, and it doesn't cause any fuss or bother doing it, or cost an arm and a leg in the process.

A Bag of Holding holds LOTS more stuff than it appears that it should. A Bag of Holding is fairly heavy, even when empty, and finding something inside a Bag of Holding usually requires you to spend a good amount of time searching through the contents, and can't be used in combat. All Bags of Holding come with a drawstring (or a draw rope for the bigger versions), which can be tied to give some rudimentary protection against pilferage. Unfortunately, a Bag of Holding is just the sort of loosely attached item that the 'Steal' combat maneuver is good against, so keep an eye on it. Fortunately, a large Bag is heavy enough that your typical lazy thief might not be able to run while carrying it, so that's something....

Most Bags are just plain sacks, of burlap, canvas, or leather, sturdy and workmanlike. Some Bags are of finer make, of velvet or gabardine, with decorations of gold thread, embroidery or lace, and even threads of precious metals. The drawstrings are usually hemp cord, although fine cordage of silk or woven precious metals are sometimes seen.

Regardless of decoration, all Bags cost and weigh the same, and all hold the same amounts. No Bag of Holding will allow a living creature to be placed inside, instead dumping such beings out in unceremonious fashion. If you attempt to place more weight of objects into a Bag than its capacity, the extra 'stuff' unceremoniously spills out and will not enter the Bag. A Bag of Holding can be stored inside a Portable Hole or taken into a Demiplane without issue, although you cannot store a Bag of Holding inside another Bag of Holding. If you attempt to store a Bag of Holding inside a Magic Haversack, the Bag will be fine, but doing so gives the Haversack the Broken condition, making it useless until repaired, meaning you can't get your Bag back out of it until you fix the fancy haversack. So don't do that. No item placed into a Bag can harm the Bag from the inside, although they are susceptible to Sunders from the outside. A Broken Bag of Holding cannot be opened to retrieve anything from within until it is repaired.

All Bags can be deliberately upended and dumped out as a standard action, the contents forming a (potentially massive) pile adjacent to the owner's space. The size of the pile is left to the GM to adjudicate, but even the most dedicated packrat rarely has enough stuff to fill more than nine or ten squares. Sorting through and re-packing the stuff in a Bag takes an amount of time determined by the GM, but it is rarely a convenient process, although the GM may allow a Barter or Sleight of Hand roll to speed things up.

A Bottomless Bag of Holding is the 'top shelf' version of this item. If there is any Bag that will be finely made and well-decorated, it is this one, and rich velvet, fine embroidery, and lush draw-ropes of gold are most common here. This plump Bag always looks full, no matter what is in it, even if empty. It is of a convenient size, about three feet high and three feet in diameter. It can carry objects of any shape that will fit through the four-foot diameter mouth of the bag, to a maximum weight of 5,000 pounds.

The owner of this magic item must wear it continuously for 24 hours to attune it to their aura, and until that time has passed, it provides no benefits to the wearer.

Creation: Creator (Feat), Bailiwick Check (DC 46 (10 + double CL)), Bright (tier 3) remnant, An item symbolic of the enchantment, 63,000 gp (minus cost of symbolic item).