Brute Strength, Invincible (Feat)

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Your muscles and sinews crackle horrendously as you exert your might far, far beyond any mortal limits of strength.

Prerequisites: Level 31, <Brute Strength (Feat) OR Barbarian 31>

Benefit: Add your Constitution score to your Strength score to calculate your lifting and carrying capacity.

For example, if a character has a 28 Str and a 30 Con, this feat allows you to calculate your Str as if it were a 58, namely, giving a Light load capacity of 25,600 pounds. The effects of this feat stack with Brute Strength, but do not provide any additional damage or chance to-hit.

Special: Only your permanent Con modifier may be used for this feat. Temporary stat bonuses from non-permanent sources (such as spells) may not be used.

Special: Barbarians who take this feat gain its benefits in addition to their normal bonuses for calculating carrying capacity (i.e. add their CON again when calculating carrying capacity).