Common Dweomers and Magical Auras

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Magic is widely available in the Empire, and mages are highly respected professionals. The large majority of practicing local mages are women, who learned their trade during their service to the Imperial Bureaucracy. These mages provide all manner of professional services in the Empire, and fulfill many of the tasks we commonly associate with lawyers, accountants, physicians, librarians, and many other professions. One of the most common and highly profitable trades to take up is that of Wizardsmith. There is a series of common spells in the Empire known as the Dweomercraft Series. These are common fabrication spells, used to generate stable, long term magical effects. The duration of any magical effect is based upon the principal of "aural resonance." All living things, all magical things, and many other objects and entities have what is called an aura. An aura is a "shadow" of the thing in question that is formed by the interaction with the ambient background magic in the Prime Material. It is roughly analogous to the wake of a boat. Spells have auras as well, and the length of time a continuing spell will last is influenced by the resonance the dweomer has with its aura. This is a hugely convoluted topic and no effort is here made to go into great detail. To state it simply: In general, the more aura resonance there is, the shorter the duration will be.

Many attack spells are what is known as "aura coupled" and bleed their energy immediately. This effect is what allows them to be so destructive. Spells of moderate duration are known as being "aura resonant," and rapidly bleed out. Spells of long duration are designed to be "aura stagnant," causing little or no disturbance in their auras and so losing little or no energy. The dweomercraft series of spells are designed to be flexible enough to impart various effects upon an object they are cast upon, and are especially designed to be lightly coupled or stagnant, so the effects last for a good period of time. There are several other spells, such as "Lithodendros" "Glasssteel" and "Permanence" that are similar but more powerful and specialized. The most powerful of the fabrication spells is permanence, which is specifically designed to totally sever an object or spell effect from its aura. There is some hazard to using this spell, since there have been accidents where the dweomer has partially severed the aura of the caster, an experience widely described as horrible in the extreme, although not fatal. Dweomercraft spells are generally weak but fast reflections of the effects of item creation feats. In general, a dweomercraft spell can create any minor permanent item which has little to no adventuring utility with no trouble. Creating a needle of sewing, or an ever-stirring spoon, or a gathering basket, or a cool version of a portable fire, is easy and simple and extremely common. Manastones, water stones, portable fires, light crystals, true needles, all manner of fine tools, spice jars, water bowls, jewelry, toiletries, etc., are all crafted by these spells and are so common and unremarked that they are invisible.