Completely Limitless Quiver

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Completely Limitless Quiver

CL 25 Slotless Item • Strong Conjuration
Cost: 390,000 gp
Weight: 3 lbs.
Family: Limitless Quiver

This quiver can create non-magical arrows, bolts, bullet stones, or any other type of Ammunition with the Expendable (Quality), except for Alchemical, Dural, or any dweomermetal ammunition. It can create as many pieces of ammunition as its attuned owner needs, as fast as they need it, but each piece of ammunition lasts only a few seconds, vanishing at the end of the encounter in which it was created, or lasting only a few moments (long enough to be used once) out of combat. When purchased, you must declare what kind of non-magical ammunition it creates, and more expensive limitless quivers can produce more types of ammunition. Once chosen, this choice of ammunition cannot be changed without buying a new quiver.

A Limitless Quiver cannot create ammunition that is alchemical in nature, nor can it create ammunition made from any special materials or dweomermetals. Created ammunition always does the damage type of the mundane ammunition it emulates, although any effects which would change the damage type of mundane ammunition also works with created ammunition.

Ammunition created by a Limitless Quiver disappears quickly, and anyone viewing the ammunition can see that it is conjured rather than real.

A Completely Limitless Quiver can produce any type of ammunition for any weapon. The Mighty property DOES NOT affect a Completely Limitless Quiver, so if your Strength goes up, your Quiver will produce the proper type of ammo automatically. If you buy several Limitless Quivers, changing which Quiver you are drawing ammunition from requires a standard action.

The owner of this magic item must wear it continuously for 24 hours to attune it to their aura, and until that time has passed, it provides no benefits to the wearer.

Creation: Creator (Feat), Epic Creator (Feat), Bailiwick Check (DC 60 (10 + double CL)), Intense (tier 4) remnant, An item symbolic of the enchantment, 195,000 gp (minus cost of symbolic item).