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The line for water at the Cisterns is often long

The Iron City of Fane

Fane, the iron city, the city of eyes, the city of the spire, the great monument to civilizations lost, is a vast megalopolis of iron, rust and chains. Fane is many things to its inhabitants, most of which are unpleasant, but more than anything else, it is a home where humanoids of the civilized races have gathered together in their final congregation to make a stand against a world which has turned against them.

If a city could be said to have an alignment, it would surprise no one to learn that Fane is a lawful evil city. While (most of) its inhabitants do not adhere to this alignment, the laws, culture and geography of the city give it a distinct menace to liberty and individualism. And, of course, the rulers of the city enjoy the fruits of this menace with no concern for the harm they inflict in doing so.

Fane is a city in desperate need of heroes, to stave off the ravening darkness surrounding it, and to fight the injustices inside it.

Player Characters

  • Zanril - Tiefling Alchemist
  • Atticus Librewyrm - Human Wizard
  • Punch - Bru-kin Brawler
  • Sigel - Fetchling Prowler
  • Scoria - Changeling Cleric
  • Gant - Human Fighter

Campaign Information

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