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{{FeatTableAid|Acrobatic Steps}}
{{FeatTableAid|Acrobatic Steps}}
{{FeatTableAid|Additional Magic Item Space}}
{{FeatTableAid|Adept Champion}}
{{FeatTableAid|Adept Champion}}

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Feat Name Level Increase Prerequisites Benefit
Absolute Spell +8 Caster level 31, Perfect Spell (Feat) Make a spell much more powerful in many ways.
Abyssal Rage Barbarian 21 Gain Immunity to Bleeds, Criticals, and precision damage while Raging.
Accuracy, Uncanny Level 16, Precise Shot, Improved (Feat), Perception 16 ranks Ignore miss chance granted by total concealment.
Acrobatic Level 1 +1 scaling bonus on Acrobatics and Movement checks
Acrobatic Steps Level 16, Nimble Moves (Feat) Ignore 20 feet of difficult terrain when you move
Adept Champion Paladin 6, Smite Enemy class feature Trade smite enemy damage for bonus on Maneuver Offense for one round
Advanced Ranger Trap Ranger 6, Trapper class feature Add +2 to the Disable Device and Perception check DCs for your ranger traps.
Agile Maneuvers Level 1 Gain a Dodge Bonus to AC when you perform a Combat Maneuver
Agile Rage Barbarian 21 While raging, gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC.
Agile Summons Level 16 Summoned creatures gain the Agile Creature pattern.
Alertness Level 1 +1 scaling bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks
Alertness, Uncanny Level 6, Alertness (Feat) +1 on critical success range on Perception and Sense Motive checks and a +2 bonus on saves versus sleep and charm effects.
Allied Spellcaster Caster Level 11 +3 bonus on level checks to overcome spell resistance.
Altitude Affinity Level 11, Endurance (Feat) Become unaffected by problems with high altitude and gain a scaling bonus to Survival and Movement at high altitudes.
Ambient Cleanse Paladin 21, Swift Cleanse (Feat) Your cleanse ability can affect up to two adjacent allies
Ammo Drop Level 1, Sleight of Hand 1 rank, proficient with sling or slingstaff Load a sling or slingstaff with one hand as a swift action without provoking attacks of opportunity.
Animal Affinity Level 1 +1 scaling bonus on Handle Animal and Ride checks
Anklebreaker Level 21, Trip, Improved (Feat) +4 feat bonus to Maneuver Offense when tripping a foe. Trips can now do critical damage.
Annus Mirabilis Alchemist 31 Gain a bonus grand discovery.
Antagonize Level 1, Diplomacy 1 rank or Intimidate 1 rank Use Diplomacy or Intimidate to goad creatures.
Apotheosis Level 50, Ascension (Feat), Immortalization (Feat) Character reaches the pinnacle of existence.
Aquatic Summons Level 6 Summoned creatures gain the Aquatic Creature pattern.
Arc Slinger Level 6, Point-Blank Shot (Feat), proficient with sling or slingstaff Reduce ranged attack penalties due to range by 2.
Arcane Armor Mastery Caster Level 11, Arcane Armor Training (Feat), Armor Proficiency, Medium (Feat) As a free action, reduce your arcane spell failure chance by 20%
Arcane Armor Training Level 6, Armor Proficiency, Light (Feat) Reduce your arcane spell failure chance by 10% as a swift action
Arcane Blast Arcane Caster Level 16 Sacrifice a spell to make a ray attack
Arcane Familiar Arcane Caster Level 21, Familiar class feature Familiar can use a spell you know as a spell-like ability 1/day.
Arcane Insight Arcane Caster Level 16, Arcane Shield (Feat) Gain an additional +1 to your AC when you use the Arcane Shield (Feat).
Arcane Savant Arcane Caster Level 21 Your caster level continues to improve even if you multi-class to a non-caster class.
Arcane Shield Arcane Caster Level 11 Sacrifice a spell to gain shield bonus to AC
Arcane Strike Arcane Caster Level 1 Gain an Arcane bonus to-hit and damage on weapons you wield
Arcane Talent Level 1 Gain the use of a single cantrip three times per day
Arcane Vendetta Level 6, Any one of Divinity, Naturalism, or Spellcraft skill, 6 ranks +1 bonus base weapon damage vs. spellcasters
Archon Diversion Archon Diversion (Feat) Archon Diversion (Feat) Archon Diversion (Feat)
Archon Justice Archon Justice (Feat) Archon Justice (Feat) Archon Justice (Feat)
Archon Style Archon Style (Feat) Archon Style (Feat) Archon Style (Feat)
Armor Proficiency, Heavy Level 1, Armor Proficiency, Light (Feat), Armor Proficiency, Medium (Feat) No penalties on attack rolls while wearing heavy armor
Armor Proficiency, Light Level 1 No penalties on attack rolls while wearing light armor
Armor Proficiency, Medium Level 1, Armor Proficiency, Light (Feat) No penalties on attack rolls while wearing medium armor
Armor Skin Level 16 Increase your Natural Armor bonus by 1
Arterial Spray Fighter 21, Bloody Mess epic tactic Your bleeding foes take bleed damage each time they attack
Ascension Level 36 Character begins to move beyond their mortal limits
Aspect of the Beast Druid 1 Gain one of several bestial manifestations, and grow into the rest as you level up.
Athletic Level 1 +1 scaling bonus on Might and Movement checks
Augment Summoning Level 1 Summoned creatures gain +1 damage per two character levels of the summoner.
Augmented Alchemy Level 21, Profession (Alchemist) 21 ranks Create more potent alchemical items
Aura of Courage, Improved Paladin 21, Cha 25, Aura of Courage class feature Clear all fear-based statuses on allies within your aura as a swift action.
Awesome Blow Level 11, Power Attack (Feat), Bull Rush, Improved (Feat) With a standard action, you can send opponents flying
Axe Guardian Level 6, Proficient with a defensive weapon Gain +2 to AC and Reflex saves from a defensive quality weapon