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{{FeatTableAid|Pin Down}}
{{FeatTableAid|Pin Down}}
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{{FeatTableAid|Pinning Rend}}
{{FeatTableAid|Pinning Rend}}

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Feat Name Level Increase Prerequisites Benefit
Pack Attack Coordinated Advance (Feat) When your partner attacks an enemy creature, use an immediate action to make a 5-foot step.
Paired Opportunists - +4 on attacks of opportunity against a foe you and your ally both threaten
Parting Shot BAB +6, Dex 13, Dodge (Feat), Mobility (Feat), Point-Blank Shot (Feat), Shot on the Run (Feat) Make a ranged attack when withdrawing
Passing Trick Dodge (Feat), Feint, Improved (Feat), Mobility (Feat), size Small or smaller Successful Acrobatics check to move past an enemy's space also allows you to feint with bonuses as a swift action.
Penetrate Damage Reduction Level 21 Automatically bypass damage reduction on one creature per day.
Penetrating Strike Fighter 6, Weapon Focus (Feat) Your attacks ignore 5 points of damage reduction
Penetrating Strike, Greater Fighter 10, Penetrating Strike (Feat), Weapon Focus (Feat) Your attacks ignore 10 points of damage reduction
Perfect Health Level 21, Con 25, Great Fortitude (Feat) Immune to non-magical diseases and most poisons.
Perfect Spell +6 Caster level 25, Empower Spell (Feat), Maximize Spell (Feat) Variable (dice-based) effects of a spell are maximized and then doubled.
Perfect Strike BAB +8, Dex 13, Wis 13, Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat) Roll twice for unarmed strikes and take the better roll
Permanent Emanation Caster Level 21, ability to cast the spell to be made permanent Makes a caster-centered emanation spell permanent.
Persuasive - +1 scaling feat bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks
Piercing Thrust Level 21, Dex 26, Weapon Focus, Epic (Feat) and Weapon Specialization, Epic (Feat) and Weapon Supremacy (Feat) with the chosen weapon Once per round, move five feet after striking a foe.
Pin Down Level 11, Combat Reflexes, one of the following: Fighter's Challenge class feature, Goading Ki (Feat), Censuring Smite (Feat) or Heedful Jeer (Feat) Halt an opponent's movement if they attempt to take 5-foot step or withdraw action within your reach.
Pinning Rend Monk 9 or BAB +9, Dex 13, Grapple, Greater (Feat), Grapple, Improved (Feat), Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat) Against pinned opponent, you may deal Ruptured damage with Grapple check
Pinpoint Poisoner Poison Use class feature, Profession (Alchemist) 6 ranks, Adder Strike (Feat), Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat), Two-Weapon Fighting or Flurry of Blows class feature When using Adder Strike (Feat), you may poison two blowgun darts that can be used for melee touch attacks
Pinpoint Targeting BAB +16, Dex 19, Precise Shot, Improved (Feat), Point-Blank Shot (Feat), Precise Shot (Feat) As a standard action, make a single ranged touch attack against the target's AC, with +2 threat range.
Piranha Strike BAB +1, Weapon Finesse (Feat) When wielding a light or Finesse weapon, choose to take a -1 penalty per 4 BAB on melee attacks to gain a damage bonus.
Planar Wild Shape Wild Shape class feature, Knowledge (Planes) 5 ranks May add the celestial or fiendish template to your animal form
Point-Blank Master Point-Blank Shot (Feat) Weapon Specialization (Feat) with selected ranged weapon Do not provoke attacks of opportunity while firing one ranged projectile weapon
Point-Blank Shot None Ignore penalties for making a ranged attack into melee within 30 feet
Polyglot Int 25, Linguistics 21 ranks You can speak all languages.
Positioning Inspiration Warlord 1, Inspiration class feature Slide one recipient of Inspiration as a free action
Positioning Inspiration, Improved Warlord 11, Inspiration class ability, Positioning Inspiration (Feat) Slide one or more of the recipients of Inspiration as a free action
Positive Energy Aura Level 21, Wis 23, Channel Divinity class feature Surround yourself with an aura of positive energy that heals or harms nearby creatures.
Potent Faith Cleric 27, Cha 28 When using Channel Divinity, add Cha mod to hitpoint effects, add +1 to save DC's.
Potent Holy Symbol Level 6, Good alignment, worshiper of a good deity Your holy symbol or weapon radiates a Prayer (Cleric Spell) effect in any round you channel or cast.
Power Attack BAB +1, Str 13 Take a -1 penalty to hit for a +2 bonus to damage; scales with BAB
Powerful Jolt Encroaching Jolt class feature (Prowler 5) +1 to the save DC of your Encroaching Jolt
Powerful Precision BAB +21, Str 24, Dex 24, Weapon Focus (Feat), Weapon Specialization (Feat), Power Attack (Feat) -or- Piranha Strike (Feat) Even your most powerful attacks are beautifully executed.
Powerful Shape Druid 8, Wild Shape class feature While in wild shape, you are treated as one size category larger.
Precise Shot Point-Blank Shot (Feat) No penalty for shooting into melee at any range.
Precise Shot, Improved BAB +11, Dex 19, Point-Blank Shot (Feat), Precise Shot (Feat) No cover or concealment chance on ranged attacks
Precise Strike BAB +1, Dex 13 Deal +1d6 points of precision damage with melee attacks
Preferred Spell Bailiwick skill 5 ranks, Heighten Spell (Feat) Spontaneously cast a specific spell
Prismatic Bomb Alchemist 25, Element Bomb, Rudiment Bomb, Fundament Bomb Replace normal bomb damage with the effects of Prismatic Spray (Sorcerer/Wizard Spell), including in the splash radius.
Prodigious Strength Barbarian 21, Strength 22 Wield a two-handed weapon in one hand.
Prodigy None Gain a +1 scaling feat bonus on two Perform or Profession skills.
Profane Enhancement Level 21, Channel Divinity class feature Your Channel Divinity gains +2d6 for Negative Energy but loses 1d6 for positive energy.
Prolonged Summons Character Level 11, Cha 21, Summoning Perfection (Feat) Summoned creatures remain for longer unless destroyed or banished.
Prone Fighting Barbarian 21 Become Quelled to resist forced movement, instead of Prone.
Prone Shooter BAB +1, Stealth 1 rank Gain +2 AC while Prone.
Prone Slinger None May use a sling while Prone
Prowess, Epic Level 23 Gain an untyped +1 bonus to attack, damage, Maneuver Offense and Maneuver Defense.
Pugnacious Inspiration Cleric 29 You can channel divinity to gain an additional attack each round
Punch Through - Reduce a creature's DR and ER by half your level for your partner's attacks
Punishing Kick BAB +8, Con 13, Wis 13, Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat) Knock down or push back foes with unarmed strikes
Pure Faith Paladin 3, Divine Health class feature Gain a +4 sacred bonus against poison.
Purloined Talent Prowler 1 Prowler may select a basic Rogue talent
Purloined Talent, Epic Prowler 21 Prowler may select an epic Rogue talent
Purloined Talent, Greater Prowler 11 Prowler may select an advanced Rogue talent
Pushing Assault BAB +1, Str 15, Power Attack (Feat) Push a foe back with a two-handed weapon