Ghost Step (Rage Power)

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Ghost Step (Su)

Requires: Barbarian 1, Superstitious Mien
Benefit: Once per round as part of a move action, you can become incorporeal during your move. While incorporeal, you take only half damage from all attacks, whether physical or energy, spell or weapon, unless the creature making those attacks is also incorporeal. You take full damage from force effects and other incorporeal creatures. You deal only half damage to corporeal creatures while you are incorporeal. You become corporeal at the end of your move action.


  • 11th Level: Any attacks you make against incorporeal creatures before the end of a turn in which you have activated Ghost Step inflict full damage (instead of half), as if your weapons have the Ghost Touch magic property. Furthermore, you can activate Ghost Step as a free action, rather than part of a move action, and you are not required to move to activate the rage power.
  • 21st Level: Once activated, Ghost Step applies to any movement you make during your current turn, not just a single move action.
  • 31st Level: If you move adjacent to an enemy creature while under the effects of the Ghost Step rage power, and attack that creature before the end of your current turn, that creature is considered Flat-Footed to any attacks you make against it until the end of your current turn.