Invincible Warrior (Feat)

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Only a fool would allow you to take their measure in combat.

Prerequisites: Fighter 26, Vivisector tactic

Unlocks: Furious Focus (Feat)

Benefit: The Fighter may now add their Combat Edge bonus to their BAB for purposes of feats such as Piranha Strike (Feat), Power Attack (Feat), Powerful Precision (Feat), Deadly Aim (Feat), and Combat Expertise (Feat). This Feat does not actually raise your chances to hit, but it does allow you to use BAB-based feats as though your BAB included your Combat Edge when calculating the effects of those feats.

For example, a 35th level Fighter has a base BAB of 28, meaning they may take a -7 penalty with Deadly Aim to receive +14 damage. With this Feat, the Fighter may choose to include their Combat Edge bonus as part of their BAB, making it effectively 42, and can thus take a -10 penalty to receive +20 damage. The fighter's to-hit rolls are still calculated using their actual BAB, however, not their Combat Edge-adjusted BAB.