Lesser Teleport

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Some creatures can teleport natively as a move action. This is not the same as casting a spell such as Dimension Door (Sorcerer/Wizard Spell), since it does not require the creature to cast, concentrate or otherwise engage in arcane jiggery-pokery. Teleportation is the act of moving instantly between two spaces without crossing the intervening space. A creature with lesser teleport must be able to see their destination in order to teleport. Note that line of effect is not required, so a creature can teleport through a portcullis, or over a bottomless chasm. The distance of a teleport is measured using the straightest line between the starting point and the desired destination point.

Creatures with a lesser teleport speed will never teleport into a solid object. If their destination somehow becomes filled with something solid (or they are seeing an illusion which makes them think their destination is safe), they are instead shunted to the first unoccupied space along the path they teleported. If all spaces between their starting space and their destination space are solid, the teleport fails and the move action is wasted.

Lesser teleportation does not provoke attacks of opportunity from nearby enemies, either from leaving the starting square or from appearing in the destination square.

A creature with a lesser teleport speed that attempts to teleport into open air will fall to the ground, but not until the end of their turn. Because the falling only occurs when their turn ends, a creature with a lesser teleport speed could choose a mid-way point in mid-air for one teleport, then take a second move action to make another teleport to a spot on safe ground. Similarly, a teleporting creature could teleport up to a flying creature and attack it, assuming they are willing to suffer the falling damage afterwards.

  • Prone: A lesser teleport speed does not provide the creature with any protection against the Prone condition.
  • Difficult Terrain: Creatures with lesser teleport can usually teleport past ground-based difficult terrain, and never suffer a movement penalty from it, even if their origin and/or destination squares are difficult terrain.
  • Overland Travel: Lesser teleport cannot be used for overland travel outside of combat.