Ley Ships and Carriages

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Vehicles are extremely common in C99, due to the prevalence of Ley lines. There are literally dozens of types of vehicles that use ley lines alone, and they are the most common sorts of vehicles in the Empire, by a large margin. There are also other types of vessels, most notably the myriad of Vanx canal boats and the many types of ground vessels, both wheeled and drayspelled. Ground vessels and river boats have the advantage that they are not restricted to travel upon the Ley lines. It is easy to forget that the ley lines don't go everywhere, but there is lots of adventure that can only be reached on foot, or by destrier, or by using a non-ley vessel.

Note that there DO exist versions of all the below vessels which have been specially enchanted to free-fly, and thus leave the Ley lines. Such vessels are quite rare due to the expense.

The core rules for vehicles are used for all of these vehicles, with various modifications as noted.



One-person, very agile, very maneuverable. Powered by manastones, they can travel 30-60 miles per charge


Two person side-by side ley carriage. Very sporty, powered by manastones, 20-50 miles per charge.


Two-person stand-up fighting carriage. Fast and maneuverable, powered by manastones, 10-40 miles per charge.


4 person carriages, with space up above for four more to sit outside. Think a flying stagecoach. Powered by manastones, they can travel 20-40 miles per charge


6 person luxury carriage, with space outside for 4 more. Powered by manastones, 10-30 miles per charge.


Eight person carriages, with space outside for eight footmen/drover/assistant. Powered by manastones, 10-40 miles per charge Think a cabin cruiser, you can live in a landau if you're cozy.


Can carry between 20 and 100 people. A flying bus, or, a flying cargo truck. Powered by manastones, 10-20 miles per charge.

Ley Ships

Heavy Dray

An air barge, or heavy truck. The largest thing you'll see running around on a city's streets. Can carry 20-200 people or lots of cargo. Powered by manastones, gets 20-30 miles per charge, just very slowly.


Smallest long-haul freighter. Can carry 100-500 people if need be, but mainly used for cargo. Can use manastones, and gets 10 miles per charge, but can also use a Ley Circle.


Common large freighter. Can carry up to 1000 people but mostly used for cargo. Usually uses a Ley Circle, but can use manastones at 5 miles per charge.


Large freighter, very cheaply built, used for short journeys. Uses only manastones at 30 miles per charge, but miserably slow.


Small, long-distance passenger ship. Usually carries 100-200 passengers. Uses only a ley circle and is very fast indeed.


Huge long-haul armed freighter. Can carry 1000-2000 passengers and lots of cargo. Uses a ley circle, not terribly fast but not slow either.


Very large, fast, long-haul ship. Carries passengers and freight expensively but well, and even carries some arms.

Legionaire Fleet

Legion Armored Chariot

Two-person standup fighting carriage. Has a ballista mount! Fast and maneuverable, powered by manastones, 10-40 miles per charge.

Legion Fighting Wagon

A militarized version of a sedan, armored and long-ranged. Seats four inside with two more above manning a siege weapon. Nothing says 'hello' like a ballista bolt.

Legion Chopper

A militarized version of a landau, named for the massive ramming blades commonly equipped at the front for ending pursuits. Usually carries three hands of Troopers, a half Squad.

Legion Torpedo

Dedicated warship. Runs on manastones, at 1-8 miles per charge. Extremely fast, designed to ram and board. Short range, but within that range can easily run down even a corvette. A packet has no chance at all, the only hope is to hope the torpedo runs out of range. Usually carries 36 Troopers as a boarding squad and has a crew of six.

Legion Corvette

Dedicated warship. Uses a ley circle and manastones, very very fast and able to run long distances quickly. Can carry 100 troopers. A military version of a packet. Very commonly seen running fast errands and rapid-response missions.

Legion Frigate

Dedicated warship. Uses a ley circle. Faster than any freighter although not by much over a clipper or a packet. A faster, militarized version of a clipper. The backbone of the Legionary Fleet.

Man'O War

Dedicated warship. Uses two ley circles, quite fast, maneuverable, and utter death in a fight. Slower than Frigates and Corvettes, effectively unlimited range.


Dedicated warship. Uses two ley circles just to stay aloft and two more ley circles to move around. Truly huge, quite slow, built to last forever. Used for patrols in frontier areas and to break sieges. Easy to run away from, deadly if you can't.

Flying Fortress

Just what it says. Makes a monitor look tiny and agile. Used until a real fortress can be built in 'exciting' areas.

"Rough Service" vessels

Riding Spike

A version of a broom with more speed and more durable construction. Often has a lot of 'style'. Think 'motorcycle gang' in the air.

Scouts Surrey

A version of the surrey with even more speed and often fitted with illicit concealment devices. Beloved of smugglers everywhere.

Armored Chariot

A chariot with armor, and often has a mount for a hand onager or a small siege weapon. One person drives, the other person fights.

Armored Sedan

A version of the sedan with a lot more armor. Very durable, seats 4 inside and four outside, can mount a siege weapon. Just what an adventuring party wants!


A landau with armor, lots more speed, and a nice paint job. VERY durable, lots of space, just the thing for a well-to-do adventuring party.


A landau with armor, more speed, and a set of ram blades. So good the Legions use them! Very much not the Legion version.

Armored Dray

A small stronghold built on the back of a dray. Not fast, not cool, but very very durable.

Tinker's Lugger

A lugger with everything under the sun hanging off it. Awesome for Creators, or those with many crafting and professional skills, and much more durable than it looks.

Smuggler's Packet

Looks just like a packet, but has hidden compartments, often has concealment devices, and is faster than everything but a torpedo. Very difficult to explain if discovered.

Blockade Runner

A torpedo with the ram removed. It's the fastest thing out there, by a good margin, but has no defenses at all. Don't get caught recharging.