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Mummies are the preserved corpses of important people, whose organs have been ritualistically removed to create a hollow chamber in their body. This space provides room for the necromantic spells to revivify the corpse to an unending unlife, making their body nearly indestructable.

Mummies are humanoid of shape, as they were once humanoids. Their flesh has dried, leaving an emaciated frame stretched taut over their bones. Nearly their whole body is covered by tight linen wrappings, etched meticulously with symbols and sigils of power. Only small areas of flesh are exposed to the light of day, as over time the wrappings become looser as the body withers.

Most prominently, however, are a mummy's eyes. They shine with a light of malice and unceasing zealotry to a cause. This light bleeds through even the tightest wrappings, but often burns right through the cloth.

In life, mummies were often powerful priests, though some were kings, pharaohs, or even gods. Upon their deaths, their souls were quickly trapped, cut into pieces, and stored in the canoptic jars with their organs. Only a twisted remnant of their original soul remains attached to their undead body, leaving little of their personalities or memories intact. Instead, this remnant of their soul is necromantically compelled to serve a new king, or to guard the home (or tomb) of someone even greater than themselves.

Despite their souls being defiled in this manner, mummies are not to be trifled with. They retain their ties to divine power, drawing boons from their god (or themselves, if they were once gods). In addition, mummies are highly capable combatants, summoning undead allies to aid them, casting curses upon their enemies, and unleashing destructive power against any who would dare oppose their mission.