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| Bonus-Spell-1 =  
| Bonus-Spell-1 = Burning Hand of the Magus
| Bonus-Spell-2 =  
| Bonus-Spell-2 = Jump
| Bonus-Spell-3 =  
| Bonus-Spell-3 = Burning Arc
| Bonus-Spell-4 =  
| Bonus-Spell-4 = Pyrotechnics
| Bonus-Spell-5 =  
| Bonus-Spell-5 = Elemental Aura
| Bonus-Spell-6 =  
| Bonus-Spell-6 = Fireball
| Bonus-Spell-7 =  
| Bonus-Spell-7 = Firefall
| Bonus-Spell-8 =  
| Bonus-Spell-8 = Pillar of Fire
| Bonus-Spell-9 =  
| Bonus-Spell-9 = Damnation Stride
| Bonus-Spell-10 =  
| Bonus-Spell-10 = Contagious Flame
| Bonus-Spell-11 =  
| Bonus-Spell-11 = Hellfire Ray
| Bonus-Spell-12 =  
| Bonus-Spell-12 = Firebrand
| Bonus-Spell-13 =  
| Bonus-Spell-13 = Incendiary Cloud
| Bonus-Spell-14 =  
| Bonus-Spell-14 = Molten Orb
| Bonus-Spell-15 =  
| Bonus-Spell-15 = Furnace Bones
| Bonus-Spell-16 =  
| Bonus-Spell-16 = Meteor Swarm
  <!-- Just put the name of the spell in, the link will be created automatically.  E.g. "Fireball" (it is caps sensitive!)    -->
  <!-- Just put the name of the spell in, the link will be created automatically.  E.g. "Fireball" (it is caps sensitive!)    -->

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Your ancestors forged a long and fruitful relationship with the Universal Fire. That dancing force, beauty and destruction, consumption and release, change and dissemination, now flows through your veins like the essence of life itself. Your blood is charged with the One True Flame, eagerly waiting for you to breathe life into it and let it free.

Bloodline Skill

A sorcerer with this bloodline gains a bonus Natural Talent in the Intimidate skill. Natural talent skills can have any ability modifier added to them, in place of the ability modifier they normally use. In addition, natural talent skills never suffer from an Armor Check Penalty, even if the assigned ability modifier is STR or DEX.

Bonus Spells

Upon gaining a 3rd level in the sorcerer class, and at every odd-numbered sorcerer class level thereafter, the sorcerer's bloodline provides them a bonus spell known, in addition to the spells known granted by the sorcerer class. These bonus bloodline spells do not increase the number of spells the sorcerer may cast per day.

Bonus Feats

Upon gaining a 4th level in the sorcerer class, the character may choose one bonus feat from the list below. The sorcerer's bloodline grants them additional bonus feats for every 5 sorcerer class levels beyond 4th (i.e. 9th level, 14th level, 19th level, 24th level, 29th level, and 34th level). In all cases, the sorcerer must meet the prerequisites of the feat in order to select it.

Bloodline Arcana

Sorcerers with the xxx bloodline gain ....

Bloodline Powers

Sorcerer bloodlines grant powers to the sorcerer at 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st, 26th, and 31st sorcerer class levels. These powers are:

  • 1st:
  • 6th:
  • 11th:
  • 16th:
  • 21st:
  • 26th:
  • 31st: