Ranger Poultices

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Level 1 Ranger Poultices

Name Description Rev?
Acid Maw Do acid damage after a successful Companion or Mounted attack. Y
Adhesive Spittle Spit immobilizing goop at a creature. Y
Air Bubble Creates a small pocket of air around your head or an object, which may burst as an attack. Y
Alarm Wards an area for the night. Y
Ant Haul Increases the carrying capacity of a creature by 10 pounds per caster level. Y
Anticipate Peril Targets gain a scaling bonus on their next initiative check. Y
Aspect of the Falcon Gives Divine Bonuses on Perception checks and ranged attacks. Y
Blend Gain a bonus to Stealth, and initiate a Stealth stance without cover or concealment. Y
Bowstaff Bowstaff (Spell) Bowstaff (Spell)
Break Break an object or creature in range. Y
Call Weapon Call Weapon (Spell) Call Weapon (Spell)
Dancing Lantern Animates a lantern-flame that follows you and can be used as a ray attack. Y
Detect Poison Detects poison in a creature or object. Y
Embrace Destiny Dice with Fate, for good or ill. Y
Endure Elements Exist comfortably in hot or cold regions. Y
Feather Step Ignores the adverse movement effects of difficult terrain. Y
Firebelly A magical fire warms your belly. Y
Fog Cloud Fog obscures vision. Y
Goodberry Creates a berry that serves as a full meal and cures 1 hit point of damage. Y
Gravity Bow Projectiles do damage as though one size category bigger. Y
Horn of Pursuit Create 3 notes that can be heard up to five miles away. Y
Hunter's Howl Treat additional enemies as Quarry (Ex). Y
Hydraulic Push Wave of water damages and pushes an enemy one square. Y
Jump Subject gains a Vaulting speed for one round. Y
Keen Senses Subject gains Low-Light Vision and a bonus to Perception checks. Y
Know the Enemy Gain a scaling Divine Bonus on a monster Knowledge check. Y
Lead Blades Melee weapons damage as if one size bigger. Y
Liberating Command Restrained target may make an Escape Artist check to escape as an immediate action. Y
Life Pact Affected creatures automatically donate hp to stabilize fallen ally. Y
Linebreaker You gain many scaling bonuses to force your way into enemy lines. Y
Longstrider Your speed with all types of movement you possess increases. Y
Magic Weapon Transform a weapon into a similar sort of weapon that is better suited for yourself or for allies. Y
Mud Buddy You create a Small minion out of mud, and it obeys your commands. N
Negate Aroma Negate Aroma (Spell) Negate Aroma (Spell)
Poisoned Egg Transform the contents of a normal egg into a single dose of Simple Venom. Y
Read Magic Read scrolls and spellbooks. Y
Read Weather Forecast the weather at your location for the next 48 hours. N
Reinforce Armaments Temporarily mitigates the Fragile (Quality) in targeted weapon or armor. Y
Remove Sickness Grant a bonus save against any of the Sickened, Afflicted, or Nauseated conditions. Y
Residual Tracking Residual Tracking (Spell) Residual Tracking (Spell)
Resist Energy Ignores a scaling number of points of damage per attack from a specified Common energy type. Y
Shillelagh Target's bludgeoning (physical, common) or buffeting (physical, uncommon) weapon deals damage as a larger weapon. Y
Shock Arrow You create an arrow made of crackling electricity, which you may fire as a weapon or use as a glowing beacon. N
Stone Shield A 1-inch-thick slab of stone springs up from the ground, interposing itself between you and an opponent of your choice. Y
Stumble Gap Small hole trips creatures. Y
Summon Monster I Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you. Y
Thorn Javelin Wield a javelin that sickens opponents when it strikes. N
Thunderstomp Thunderstomp (Spell) Thunderstomp (Spell)
Tireless Pursuit Ignore fatigue while hustling. N
True Strike Gain a bonus on your next attack roll. Y
Wave Shield Water blunts one incoming attack or effect as an immediate action. Y

Level 2 Ranger Poultices

Name Description Rev?
Acute Senses Acute Senses (Spell) Acute Senses (Spell)
Air Step Tread on air, with limitations. Y
Allfood Allfood (Spell) Allfood (Spell)
Arrow Eruption Arrow Eruption (Spell) Arrow Eruption (Spell)
Barkskin Grants +2 (or higher) Enhancement Bonus to Natural Armor Bonus. N
Blade Tutor's Spirit Attack penalties you choose to suffer are reduced. Y
Blood Armor Your blood hardens when you are wounded, increasing your AC. Y
Blood Scent Blood Scent (Spell) Blood Scent (Spell)
Bloodhound Enhances sense of smell and grants the caster the Scent special ability. N
Chameleon Stride Gives a +2 bonus on Stealth checks and Partial Concealment. N
Companion Polymorph You transform the target into a smaller, harmless-looking animal of the same approximate body type. Y
Cure Light Wounds Cures 2d8 damage + 1/lvl (max +10). Y
Daybreak Arrow Daybreak Arrow (Spell) Daybreak Arrow (Spell)
Eagle Eye Creates a magical sensor high above you. N
Effortless Armor Armor you wear no longer slows your speed. Y
Endure Elements, Communal As Endure Elements (Spell), but you may protect several creatures you touch. Y
Escaping Ward Escaping Ward (Spell) Escaping Ward (Spell)
False Life Gain 1d10 temporary hp + 1/lvl (max +10). Y
Guiding Star Know approximate distance from where you cast this spell. N
Hold Animal Paralyzes one Animal or Magical Beast for a little over a round. Y
Hunter's Eye +20 Competence Bonus on Perception checks to locate a target. N
Hunter's Lore Take 20 on Knowledge checks to learn monster's weaknesses. N
Icy Prison Thick ice hampers and damages the target. Y
Invisibility Sphere Makes creatures within 10 ft. of the touched recipient invisible. Y
Locate Weakness You roll damage twice when you roll damage for a critical hit and take the best damage. N
Lockjaw Gives creature Grab (Ex) ability with a natural attack. N
Lucky Strike You gain an increasing Arcane Bonus on attack and damage rolls. Y
Perceive Cues +5 Competence Bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks. N
Protection from Energy Grants 4 temp hitpoints/lvl, only against one kind of common energy. Y
Protective Spirit Protects from attacks of opportunity. N
Reinforce Armaments, Communal As Reinforce Armaments (Spell), but you may affect multiple targets. Y
Resist Uncommon Energy Ignores a scaling number of points of damage per attack from a specified Uncommon energy type. Y
Ricochet Shot Imbues a projectile or thrown weapon to give it the ability to ricochet. Y
River Whip Create a whip of water that you wield as a weapon. Y
Scent Trail Scent Trail (Spell) Scent Trail (Spell)
Slipstream Wave boosts or hampers creature's speed. Y
Spike Growth Spike Growth (Spell) Spike Growth (Spell)
Stone Call Inflicts damage and difficult terrain to all creatures in area. Y
Summon Monster III Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you. Y
Vine Strike Bristles burst from your body, allowing you to deal additional piercing damage with melee attacks. Y
Water Walk Subject treads on water as if solid. N
Wind Wall Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases. Y

Level 3 Ranger Poultices

Name Description Rev?
Aspect of the Stag Aspect of the Stag (Spell) Aspect of the Stag (Spell)
Battle Trance Targets gain bonus damage to attacks while under the effects of the spell. Y
Blade Snare Blades damage and hinder all creatures around you. Y
Bloody Arrows Conjure deadly arrows that strike unerringly. Y
Bloody Claws Bloody Claws (Spell) Bloody Claws (Spell)
Burst of Speed Immediately take a move action for free, and increase Walk speed until the end of the encounter. Y
Chameleon Stride, Greater As Chameleon Stride (Spell), but affecting allies within 10 feet of you. N
Cloak of Winds Creates a whirling screen of strong wind around you. Y
Cure Moderate Wounds Cures 4d8 damage +1/lvl (max. +20). Y
Diamond Spray You blast a ray of diamond slivers at a target in range. Y
Feather Step, Mass As Feather Step (Spell), but multiple creatures. Y
Life Bubble Protects creatures from some types of sustained environmental effects. Y
Longstrider, Greater As Longstrider (Spell), plus the speeds of other movement modes increase. Y
Neutralize Poison Immunizes subject against poison, or detoxifies poison in or on subject. Y
Protection from Energy, Communal As Protection from Energy (Spell), but you may affect several creatures. Y
Remove Disease Attempts to cure a disease in the target. Y
Resist Energy, Communal This spell functions like Resist Energy (Spell), except you can protect several creatures. Y
Resist Rare Energy Ignores a scaling number of points of damage per attack from a specified Rare energy type. Y
Strong Jaw Grant Immunity to some conditions, and expend the spell to inflict crushing (physical, common) damage with a Bite.. Y
Summon Monster V Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you. Y
Thunderstomp, Greater Thunderstomp, Greater (Spell) Thunderstomp, Greater (Spell)
Tireless Pursuers As Tireless Pursuit (Spell), but affects many targets rather than one. N
Vex Giant Deal more damage, gain a +4 Insight Bonus on combat maneuver checks, and avoid attacks of opportunity against larger foes. N
Water Walk, Communal As Water Walk (Spell), but you may divide the duration among creatures touched. N

Level 4 Ranger Poultices

Name Description Rev?
Acidic Spray Deals heavy Acid damage and inflicts the Singed condition. Y
Animal Growth Animal Growth (Spell) Animal Growth (Spell)
Aspect of the Wolf Aspect of the Wolf (Spell) Aspect of the Wolf (Spell)
Ball Lightning Flying ball of lightning deals heavy Electricity damage. Y
Blessing of the Salamander Blessing of the Salamander (Spell) Blessing of the Salamander (Spell)
Blight Inflicts heavy Necrotic damage, to which Animals and Plants have a penalty. Y
Bloodsworn Retribution Bloodsworn Retribution (Spell) Bloodsworn Retribution (Spell)
Bow Spirit Summons an invisible spirit that fires your arrows for you as a swift action. N
Burrow Target gains a burrow speed of 15. Y
Commune with Nature Commune with Nature (Spell) Commune with Nature (Spell)
Cure Serious Wounds Cures 6d8 damage + 1/lvl (max +30). Y
Find Quarry You can sense whether a particular creature is within 20 miles of your location. N
Freedom of Movement Subject moves, despite impediments to restrict movement. Y
Grove of Respite Creates trees and a small spring on a Material Plane. Y
Master's Escape Switch places with one summoned creature you control. Y
Rain of Arrows You conjure a cloud of magical arrows that rain down on any creatures and objects in an area. Y
Summon Monster VII Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you. Y
Swarm of Fangs Swarm of Fangs (Spell) Swarm of Fangs (Spell)
Tar Ball Burning tar harms target and penalizes its DEX. N
Tree Stride Step from one tree to another far away. N