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Condition Severity: Moderate

   You have been hit so hard that you are having trouble coordinating your own movement.


  • You lose the use of your move action.
  • You may still perform a standard action, a swift action, as well as any free actions, during your turn.
  • You may also perform immediate actions or attacks of opportunity outside of your turn.
  • Constructs, oozes, plants, undead, incorporeal creatures, and creatures immune to critical hits are immune to the Rattled condition.

Ended By

If the ability, trap, or effect description includes specific directions for how the condition is ended, then that is the primary means of ending this condition. In many cases, it is the only way to end the condition. If nothing is specifically listed for ending the condition, then the following methods can be used to end it, instead:

  • You can expend a standard action to take a moment to clear your head, immediately ending the Rattled condition.
  • You can spend a swift action to attempt an Escape Artist check against the Maneuver Defense of the creature who inflicted this status. If there is no creature involved, the target is a challenging DC based on the CR (challenge rating) of the effect. If you succeed on the check, you shrug off the condition, though you do not regain your lost move action this round. You may only attempt this once – if you fail the Escape Artist check, you may not try again, and must recover by some other means.
  • If not cleared, the Rattled condition automatically ends at the end of the encounter.