Rogue Talents

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* - Items marked with an * are talents which inflict a sneak attack effect, and may not be used in combination with any other talent inflicting a sneak attack effect.

Courageous Tier (1-5) Talents

Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Acrobatic Charge (Talent) Rogue 1 Once per encounter, pass through allies and enemies when charging
Befuddling Strike (Talent) * Rogue 1 Opponents damaged by your sneak attack miss you more often
Black Market Connections (Talent) Rogue 1 You have an insider's access to a settlement's goods and services
Combat Escapist (Talent) Rogue 1 Slip out of grapples and pins more quickly
Combat Trick (Talent) Rogue 1 Gain a bonus feat
Convincing Lie (Talent) Rogue 1 Others use your bluff skill when repeating a lie you told them.
Deep Wounds (Talent) * Rogue 1 Inflict a bleed with your sneak attack
Deft Palm (Talent) Rogue 1 Conceal a weapon you are wielding with a Sleight of Hand check
Expert Leaper (Talent) Rogue 1 Jump checks are treated as always having a running start.
Face in the Crowd (Talent) Rogue 1 When amidst a crowd, instantly change your appearance to blend in
Fast Picks (Talent) Rogue 1 You can pick locks with much greater finesse and speed than most
Fast Stealth (Talent) Rogue 1 Move full speed while stealthed without penalty
Getaway Artist (Talent) Rogue 1 Gain a bonus on Handle Animal, Piloting, and Ride checks, and know where the nearest mount/vehicle is
Guileful Polyglot (Talent) Rogue 1, Linguistics 1 rank Learn four new languages or one secret language
Hold Breath (Talent) Rogue 1 Hold your breath even if under effects which normally disallow breath-holding
Lethal Acrobatics (Talent) Rogue 1 Make an opponent flat-footed against your next attack when you overrun them or tumble past them.
Maneuver Mastery (Talent) Rogue 1 Add +3 to your maneuver offense and maneuver defense for one combat maneuver
Minor Magic (Talent) Rogue 1 Learn a cantrip (0th-level spell) from the Sorcerer/Wizard spell list.
Nimble Climber (Talent) Rogue 1 You are able to climb faster and with more certainty than most
Peerless Expert (Talent) Rogue 1 Always roll two dice and take the better result and increase crit range with a chosen skill.
Positioning Attack (Talent) Rogue 1 Reposition yourself around a struck target without provoking attacks of opportunity
Quick Disguise (Talent) Rogue 1 Reduce the amount of time needed to create a disguise
Resiliency (Talent) Rogue 1 Grant yourself temporary hit points as an immediate action
Slow Reactions (Talent) * Rogue 1 Opponents damaged by your sneak attack may not make attacks of opportunity
Stand Up (Talent) Rogue 1 Avoid attacks of opportunity when standing from prone, or stand up as a free action
Walk the Razor's Edge (Talent) Rogue 1 When threatened by 3 or more enemies, treat those enemies as flat-footed

Intrepid Tier (6-10) Talents

Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Assault Leader (Talent) Rogue 6 If you miss an attack against a flanked opponent, grant a bonus attack to your flanking ally.
Canny Observer (Talent) Rogue 6 Gain a move action during any surprise round, even if surprised
Cover Identity (Talent) Rogue 6 Create a cover identity, and temporarily gain a profession, perform, or piloting skill to complement it.
Cunning Trigger (Talent) Rogue 6 Cause a trap to include or exclude a square during its next attack, after a successful Dismantle Trap maneuver.
Diverse Background (Talent) Rogue 6 Gain two new natural talent skills
Expert Forger (Talent) Rogue 6 You can craft expertly forged documents more easily than most.
Iron Guts (Talent) Rogue 6 Gain a bonus on saves versus poisons, and immunity to Nauseated, Afflicted, and Sickened.
Magical Disguise (Talent) Rogue 6, Minor Magic (Talent) Gain the ability to cast Disguise Self once per day
Major Magic (Talent) Rogue 6, Minor Magic (Talent) Gain the ability to cast a first level Sorcerer/Wizard spell up to twice per day.
Poison Use (Talent) Rogue 6 You cannot accidentally poison yourself when applying poison to a blade
Powerful Sneak (Talent) * Rogue 6 Treat all 1's and 2's on sneak attack damage dice as 3's
Rogue Crawl (Talent) Rogue 6 Take 5-foot steps or move at half speed while prone
Scavenger (Talent) Rogue 6 You can loot treasure more quickly and with far greater efficiency than most.
Secret Keeper (Talent) Rogue 6 Gain a bonus to resist any effect that forces you to speak the truth, or attempts to read your thoughts
Sniper's Eye (Talent) Rogue 6 Concealed foes are not impervious to your sneak attack damage
Swift Poison (Talent) Rogue 6 Apply poison to your weapon with a swift action
Weapon Training (Talent) Rogue 6, Weapon Focus (Feat) Gain Weapon Specialization as a bonus feat, and access to fighter-only feats

Heroic Tier (11-15) Talents

Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Advanced Training (Talent) Rogue 11 Choose any two feats for which you meet the prerequisites
Another Day (Talent) Rogue 11 Avoid an attack once per day
Armored Bruiser (Talent) Rogue 11 Gain the Medium Armor Proficiency feat and the ability to use sneak attack while wearing it
Brash Assault (Talent) Rogue 11 Temporarily reduce your armor class for improved to-hit chance
Confounding Blades (Talent) * Rogue 11, Slow Reactions (Talent) Prevent attacks of opportunity when you do damage with a sneak attack
Defensive Roll (Talent) Rogue 11 Make an immediate move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity
Entanglement of Blades (Talent) * Rogue 11 Targets damaged by sneak attack become Immobilized as long as the rogue remains adjacent
Exotic Blademaster (Talent) Rogue 11 Gain an Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat and the ability to use sneak attack with that weapon
Fast Tumble (Talent) Rogue 11 Tumble through threatened squares at full speed without penalty
Hard Minded (Talent) Rogue 11 You are hard to fool with mind-affecting effects
Improved Evasion (Talent) Rogue 11 Make a Reflex save to take even less damage from area-of-effect attacks
Quiet Death (Talent) Rogue 11 The rogue can eliminate foes so quietly no one knows what happened to them
Rowdy Roddy Rogue (Talent) Rogue 11 Cast a spell from a rod as an attack action
Rummage (Talent) Rogue 11 Once per day, the rogue can search an area thoroughly and nigh undetectably
Scroll Rogue (Talent) Rogue 11, Minor Magic (Talent) Cast a spell from a scroll as an attack action.
Skill Mastery (Talent) Rogue 11 Take 10 at any time on certain skills
Surefooted (Talent) Rogue 11 Make 5-foot steps into difficult terrain
Unassailable (Talent) Rogue 11 Gain the Shield Proficiency feat, and remain able to deal sneak attack damage while wearing a shield.
Unwitting Ally (Talent) Rogue 11 Make an opponent act as a flanking partner

Undaunted Tier (16-20) Talents

Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Crippling Strike (Talent) * Rogue 16 Sneak attacks also deal 2 points of Strength damage
Deadly Cocktail (Talent) Rogue 16, Poison Use (Talent) Apply two doses of poison to a weapon
Deadly Sneak (Talent) * Rogue 16, Powerful Sneak (Talent) Treat all 1's, 2's and 3's on sneak attack damage dice as 4's
Deceptive Mind (Talent) Rogue 16 When resisting a mind-affecting ability, you still know what commands are being given
Hamstring Strike (Talent) * Rogue 16 Forgo sneak attack dice to inflict a penalty on your target's saving throws
Hide in Plain Sight (Talent) Rogue 16 Initiate stealth even without cover and while being observed
Hunter's Surprise (Talent) Rogue 16 Spend an action point to teleport up to your Walk speed
Opportunist (Talent) Rogue 16 Make an attack of opportunity when a target is damaged in melee
Redirect Attack (Talent) Rogue 16 Once per day, redirect an attack that hits you onto another nearby creature
Rumormonger (Talent) Rogue 16 You can cause a rumor to spread through a settlement
Shadow-Touched (Talent) Rogue 16 Gain partial concealment if you displace at least 15 feet during your turn.
Stealthy Sniper (Talent) Rogue 16 Take a reduced penalty to Stealth when sniping
Thoughtful Reexamination (Talent) Rogue 16 Reroll a skill check you just failed
Vengeful (Talent) Rogue 16 Gain a +2 training bonus to attacks and damage versus foes who have injured you

Valorous Tier (21-25) Talents

Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Bonus Epic Feat (Talent) Rogue 21 Choose one epic feat or two non-epic feats
Enabler (Talent) Rogue 21 Grant an ally who is flanking your opponent a bonus attack as an immediate action
Gutter Mage (Talent) Rogue 21, Minor Magic (Talent), Major Magic (Talent) Gain the ability to cast a 2nd-level spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list once per day
Knows a Guy (Talent) Rogue 21, Black Market Connections (Talent) Reduce the cost of any item purchased by 10% over and above any discount you can negotiate via barter
Missed Me (Talent) Rogue 21 Once per encounter, declare that an attack which successfully hit you actually missed you
Selective Obfuscation (Talent) Rogue 21 Allow one or more of your allies to perceive you while stealthed, even if you are invisible
Shivved (Talent) Rogue 21 Add +1 damage per die of sneak attack damage you roll

Mythic Tier (26-30) Talents

Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Cloaked (Talent) Rogue 26, Minor Magic (Talent), Selective Obfuscation (Talent) Cast invisibility on yourself as a move action at will
Foul Play (Talent) Rogue 26, Positioning Attack (Talent) Once per round, reposition yourself around a struck target without provoking attacks of opportunity
In Your Shoes (Talent) Rogue 26 Once per encounter, swap places with a willing ally as an immediate action
Nemesis (Talent) Rogue 26 Spend an action point to deal sneak attack damage on all attacks against one designated enemy, even if it is not flanked or flat-footed
Punctured (Talent) Rogue 26, Shivved (Talent) The damage die of the Rogue's Sneak attack gains another +1 per die, to a total bonus of +2 per die
Shell Game (Talent) * Rogue 26, Befuddling Strike (Talent) Once per round, swap places with an enemy you just damaged with your sneak attack
Street Mage (Talent) Rogue 26, Gutter Mage (Talent), Major Magic (Talent), Minor Magic (Talent) Gain the ability to cast a 3rd-level spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list once per day

Legendary Tier (31-35) Talents

Talent Name Prerequisites Description
Critical Strike (Talent) Rogue 31 When you crit, even your sneak attack damage is maximized
Like Picking Your Teeth (Talent) Rogue 31 You may now use your disable device skill to pick a lock as a swift action
Onslaught (Talent) Rogue 31, Enabler (Talent) Once per round, grant an ally a bonus attack on an enemy you just attacked, in addition to the attack granted by Enabler
Supreme Stealth (Talent) Rogue 31, Cloaked (Talent), Selective Obfuscation (Talent), Minor Magic (Talent) Cast greater invisibility on yourself as a move action at will
True Friend (Talent) Rogue 31 When you are hit by a melee attack, redirect the attack onto one of your allies instead of yourself