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Type of Action: Full-Round Action

A character may declare a 'run' action as a full-round action. Running allows the character to move up to four times their listed speed (or three times their listed speed if they are wearing heavy armor). After any turn in which a character performs the run action, they gain the flat-footed condition until the start of their next turn, unless they have the Runner (Feat), since running is a more reckless form of movement than walking. If a character declares a 'run' action, they may not perform any 5-Foot Steps during the same round (except with an action point, or a class feature like the prowler's "Shifty"). Since it is a fast, reckless sort of movement, Run may make the character susceptible to Collision Damage, so be careful!

A character can run for a number of rounds equal to their Constitution score, but after that they must make a DC 30 might check to continue running. The character must check again each round in which they continue to run, and the DC of this check increases by +2 for each check they have made previously. When they fail this check, they must stop running. A character that has run to their limit gains the Fatigued condition.

Characters using the 'run' action can't cross difficult terrain. Characters may not use the 'run' action if they cannot see.