Skill Virtuoso (Feat)

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You realize, everything is connected.

Prerequisites: Level 31, Skill Specialist (Feat), Skill Prodigy (Feat), Skill Expert (Feat), at least 31 ranks in all chosen skills

Benefit: Choose two skills in which you have at least 31 ranks, and which have not had Skill Focus, Skill Specialist, or Skill Prodigy applied to them. You may now apply all effects of Skill Specialist, Skill Prodigy, and Skill Expert to those two skills (+5 on skill rolls, skill criticals on a 17-20, +10 on all critical results, and special abilities for each skill granted by Skill Specialist and Skill Prodigy). If you have taken any or all of those lower level feats more than once, you may choose two new skills for each instance of each lower level feat. You must apply all benefits from those lower feats obeying all applicable rules of those lower feats (i.e., you must obey feat prerequisites for all new skills.)

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to two new skills.