Stealth Spell (Feat)

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No one would even know you were a caster if you'd only take off that ridiculous pointy hat.

Prerequisites: Caster Level 26, Spell Focus (Feat), Silent Spell (Feat), Still Spell (Feat)

Related: Unseen Spell (Feat)

Benefit: A stealth spell gains the benefits of both Silent Spell (Feat) and Still Spell (Feat). In addition, a stealth spell's visible magical effects are rendered invisible. Any visible aspect of the spell itself remains unseen, though its effects are still visible. For instance, a stealth fireball would have its explosion rendered invisible, but the effects of that detonation-the thump and roar of flames, loose debris bursting alight, scorch-marks, terrible burns on creatures, objects catching fire, and such-would still be visible.

Targets take a -2 penalty against stealth spells that normally allow a Reflex saving throw.

Level Increase: +5 (A stealth spell uses up a spell slot five levels higher than the spell's actual level.)