Summoning Perfection (Feat)

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When you summon creatures to your side, they are among the finest specimens of their ilk available.

Prerequisites: Level 1

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Summoning II, Incredible (Feat), Summoning III, Incredible (Feat), Summoning, Superb (Feat)

Benefit: Whenever you summon a creature or creatures with a summon spell you cast yourself (which may include the use of a magic item), the summoned creature gain +1 CR per experience tier of your character level (i.e. +1 CR at levels 1-5, +2 CRs at levels 6-10, +3 CRs at levels 11-15, etc., to a maximum of +7 CRs at levels 31 or higher).

However, this feat does not allow you to summon a creature with a CR greater than your own character level. As a result, this feat will be most effective when you are casting a summoning spell that is lower level than the maximum level summoning spell you are capable of casting.