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ok, all the combat maneuver feats have been cleaned up as far as I can tell. (phew!)

are the new combat maneuvers ready, or should I try poking at that real quick? otherwise, i'm gonna keep grinding on feats, we're at 771 and falling. (289 deleted so far, wewt!) of those 771, about 300 are completed, so only 470-ish to go!

note: the only teleport speed in an item right now is the vest of escape, unless i missed something. something to look into? or are we cool with it?  makes the phase spider super-high-level mount extremely desirable!

I would be interested in adding one or two other items that grant a teleport move speed. Boots seem appropriate, or a cloak.

i concur. important enough to do now, or after we finish 1.0?
cyclone strike and all feats in weapon focus/weapon spec trees
dastardly finish and all feats that boost bluff/feint and intimidate/demoralize

Weapon Supremacy unlocks 4 'trees'

Meisterhau -> Ultimate Mastery -> Thousand Arms -> Tide of Iron 

Vacuum Slash -> White Gale -> Cyclone Strike

Piercing Thrust -> Spear of Wind -> Lance of Heaven

Foe Breaker -> World Breaker -> God Breaker

I would add a category to every feat describing what tier it is relevant to. If you see any red-linked tier-based categories, they're wrong, and should be replaced with one of the ones below, based on the feat's pre-reqs:

  • [[Category:Courageous Tier (1-5)]]
  • [[Category:Intrepid Tier (6-10)]]
  • [[Category:Heroic Tier (11-15)]]
  • [[Category:Undaunted Tier (16-20)]]
  • [[Category:Valorous Tier (21-25)]]
  • [[Category:Mythic Tier (26-30)]]
  • [[Category:Legendary Tier (31-35)]]

By adding the category, we can create a table that just includes the feats of a particular tier (or the tier and any earlier tiers). This means new characters won't have to look at everything, just the feats that are available at Courageous. Huge quality of life improvement.