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Prices to be adjusted WAY downward. These costs would be the base price of a vehicle, prior to adding a vehicle class. Note that vehicle class also includes the cost differential for size categories, so it is not necessary to have a vehicle listed for each size category (though it may be useful). Technically, any of these vehicles could be purchased in any size (and vehicle class).

It may be that the cost of each of these is 0gp, if there is no practical reason to buy one over another...

Should probably review the cargo idea, and describe some rules for it. It used to be you could trade out squares of cargo space for weapons/upgrades, but that system has been completely replaced. Now, cargo would just be for cargo. Should probably evaluate the economics of that to some degree.

Land Vehicles


Vehicle Cost Size Cargo
Wagon 250 gp Medium 2 squares
Carriage 2,100 gp Large 8 squares
Heavy Wagon 9,000 gp Huge 27 squares
Rale 50,000 gp Gargantuan 64 squares
Durant 750,000 gp Colossal 125 squares
Crassis Engine 7,000,000 gp Titanic 216 squares


Vehicle Cost Size Cargo
Chariot 500 gp Medium none
Iron Carriage 2,500 gp Large 4 squares
Rollover 12,000 gp Huge 14 squares
Testudo 60,000 gp Gargantuan 35 squares
Vault 1,100,000 gp Colossal 60 squares
Landbreaker 10,000,000 gp Titanic 80 squares
Imminent 35,000,000 gp Titanic + 100 squares

Sea Vehicles


Vehicle Cost Size Cargo
Skiff 500 gp Medium 2 squares
Launch 3,500 gp Large 8 squares
Lighter 12,000 gp Huge 27 squares
Coaster 60,000 gp Gargantuan 64 squares
Frigate 1,000,000 gp Colossal 125 squares
Galleon 9,000,000 gp Titanic 216 squares


Vehicle Cost Size Cargo
Sloop 800 gp Medium none
Ketch 4,000 gp Large 4 squares
Caravel 16,000 gp Huge 14 squares
Brig 75,000 gp Gargantuan 35 squares
Barque 1,500,000 gp Colossal 60 squares
Ship of the Line 12,500,000 gp Titanic 80 squares
Pelagian Hold 50,000,000 gp Titanic Plus 100 squares

Air Vehicles


Vehicle Cost Size Cargo
Surrey 3,500 gp Medium 2 squares
Sedan 9,500 gp Large 8 squares
Dray 23,000 gp Huge 27 squares
Heavy Dray 125,000 gp Gargantuan 64 squares
Carrack 2,000,000 gp Colossal 125 squares
Clipper 35,000,000 gp Titanic 216 squares


Vehicle Cost Size Cargo
Chopper 5,000 gp Medium none
Torpedo 12,500 gp Large 4 squares
Corvette 30,000 gp Huge 14 squares
Frigate 150,000 gp Gargantuan 35 squares
Man O'War 3,000,000 gp Colossal 60 squares
Monitor 20,000,000 gp Titanic 80 squares
Flying Fortress 300,000,000 gp Titanic + 100 squares