Teamwork Feats

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Teamwork feats require that both you and at least one of your allies each have the feat before it provides any benefits. In some cases, you must also be adjacent to the ally who has the feat in order to gain its benefits. Rangers and Warlords gain the ability to grant one or more of these feats to their allies temporarily.

Courageous Tier (1-5)

Teamwork Feats Prerequisites Description
Bonded Mind (Feat) Level 1 Communicate with a partner non-verbally, as the Message spell.
Coordinated Advance (Feat) Level 1 Take a 5-foot step as an immediate action when your partner takes a 5-foot step
Coordinated Shot (Feat) Level 1 +2 to hit with ranged attacks against a creature your partner is threatening
Covering Fire (Feat) Level 1 Use Aid Another from range to grant an ally +2 to AC versus your target creature
Distracting Charge (Feat) Level 1 Gain a +4 bonus to attack a creature your partner just successfully charged
Duck and Cover (Feat) Level 1 When adjacent to an ally with this feat, you can share reflex saving throw results with each other.
Extend the Bulwark (Feat) Level 1 Grant your partner a +4 to AC by taking a -2 penalty to your own AC.
Intercept Charge (Feat) Level 1 Intercept a charge made against your partner as an immediate action.
Shake It Off (Feat) Level 1 Gain +1 to all saving throws per adjacent ally
Shield Wall (Feat) Level 1, <Shield Proficiency (Feat), -OR- a class that grants any shield proficiency> Gain an AC bonus from an adjacent ally's shield, gain cover from an ally's Tower shield.
Swap Places (Feat) Level 1 Swap places with a willing adjacent ally who has this feat

Intrepid Tier (6-10)

Teamwork Feats Prerequisites Description
Back to Back (Feat) Level 6, Perception 6 ranks You can't be flanked when adjacent to your partner
Combat Medic (Feat) Level 6, Heal 5 ranks May take 10 and not provoke attacks of opportunity when using Heal Skill
Feint Partner (Feat) Level 6 If your partner successfully feints, opponent is also flat-footed against your next attack
Volley Fire (Feat) Level 6, Weapon Focus (Feat) Gain a bonus to-hit with ranged or thrown attacks if your partner made a ranged or thrown attack this round.

Heroic Tier (11-15)

Teamwork Feats Prerequisites Description
Allied Spellcaster (Feat) Caster Level 11 Automatically overcome enemy creatures' spell resistance when you and your ally both have this feat.
Seize the Moment (Feat) Level 11 When your partner confirms a critical, you gain an attack of opportunity
Swing About (Feat) Level 11 Move your adjacent partner to any other square you can reach as a swift action.

Undaunted Tier (16-20)

Teamwork Feats Prerequisites Description
Got Your Back (Feat) Level 16 Once per encounter, grant your partner a re-roll on a d20 check.
Paired Opportunists (Feat) Level 16 +4 on attacks of opportunity against a foe you and your partner both threaten
Stick Together (Feat) Level 16 Move as an immediate action when your partner moves.

Valorous Tier (21-25)

Teamwork Feats Prerequisites Description
Escape Route (Feat) Level 21 Provoke no attacks of opportunity when moving through squares threatened by your partner
Summoning, Superior (Feat) Level 21, at least one Teamwork Feat Your summoned creature knows a teamwork feat that you know.

Mythic Tier (26-30)

Teamwork Feats Prerequisites Description
Outflank (Feat) Level 26 Flanking bonus becomes +4 with an ally that also has this feat

Legendary Tier (31-35)

Teamwork Feats Prerequisites Description
Pack Attack (Feat) Level 31 When your partner attacks an enemy creature, you may make an immediate 5-foot step.