The Gravelands

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The Hecatomb of Empires


Player PC Name Class (Subclass) Race Major Racial Feat Minor Racial Feat
Popkin Shaharice Ras Shamra Partisan (Dissident) Arborean Fortified Grace Mighty Physique
Jeff Syor Nguv Wizard (Transmuter) Elf Between Two Worlds Focus
Robin Shalimah Ras Shamra Warlord Arborean Ancestral Wisdom Mighty Physique
Ben Syssixbos syod Ssyzyx Prowler Mallori Walk in Shadows Thin Emotions
Reese Zaavadon Thirch Rogue (Cunning) Fey-Kin Dominant Bloodline Wary
Jen Miacyne Druid Elf Fast Reactions Careful Footwork
Rick Corinthus Shadowfel Sorcerer (God-Touched) Human Well-Suited Martial Prodigy

Campaign Notes



Point Buy
Magical Adventure (35 base points)
Fog of War


  • City of Catafalque
  • in the High Vale mountains
  • where the Black Run River runs into the High Brandy
The Map of the World

A Global View of a Non-Globular World


thunder sounds!