The Windward Marches

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Night in the Empire

A campaign set in the Empire of Celegia, in the Year 99,991 CR.

The party finds themselves working passage aboard the ley ship The Far Rider, a caravelle of good lines and rapid passage, although much diminished in the world due to the dissipations of the Good Captain Peremon.

Peremon has not been able to keep on a decent Mage to run the Ley Circle on the ships keel, and as a result is forced to rely on thunderstones to drive the Far Rider toward her destination. The expense of the thunderstones has Captain Peremon hard against his last reserves of cash, and he is in a great hurry to fulfill his charter, to convey a well-paying personage of note to the Windward Marches, a realm of the Empire where there is money and opportunity to be found in abundance.

The Windward marches is a Frontier Realm, adjacent to not one but two Hinterlands. The young, the desperate, the greedy, the bored and dissolute and hungry, are all converging upon the Windward Marches.

Come along! The Far Rider is bound for adventure!


Campaign Journals

Player Characters

Corvus Krieg
Fighter - 6'0" Tall, 30-year old human male, shaved head wearing heavy armor, a shield and wielding a heavy whip.
Keladin Bloodscourge
Barbarian - Tall Scarred Arrakanza male
Edric Fabricius
Paladin of Lurain (or sub-goddess) - 6'0", dandy stunning, heavy steel shield, breastplate
Rogue Diplomat - 5'7" - Thin - Black haired, oval eyes, no pupils, no whites, goldish tiny scales, female - well impeccably dressed - chain shirt
Skipia Vallens
Warlord - 5'4" - Compact and appealingly competent - Breastplate with Heavy steel shield - Battle Axe
Alchemist - 5'7" 165 lbs - Unnaturally Red Hair - Fluorescent Green Eyes - Human

Campaign Information