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This deadly monster looks able to win a battle all by itself, but has inspired others to aid it.
  • Threats count as 4 monsters for purposes of encounter size, XP award, and treasure.
  • Threats have three times as many hit points as monsters with the same CR.
  • Threats get a +2 adjustment to their initiative.
  • Threats inflict triple damage with their attacks, by way of increased damage and more attacks each round.
  • Threats get 3 action point(s).
  • (Threat Role) Immunity (partial 5): Threats are immune to the first five conditions applied to them during an encounter. If a sixth condition is applied to a threat, it is resolved normally. A 'condition' is defined as any non-instantaneous harmful effect applied to the monster, other than damage, but is most commonly one of the defined Status Conditions (but it doesn't have to be). Statuses related to damage (such as injured, bloodied, staggered, dying, or dead) are not 'conditions', and cannot be negated or avoided with this ability.
  • Threats have the following special abilities:

Unstoppable Killer (Ex; Threat Role) Auto Upon Death
The first time in an encounter that a Threat is reduced to zero or fewer hit points, it falls prone, apparently dead. But this is a ruse. When this occurs, the Threat becomes immune to all damage and effects. However, it may not perform any actions (such as attacks of opportunity) until this immunity expires.

At the beginning of its next turn, any conditions the Threat is currently suffering under (such as Prone) are immediately cleared, and its hit points are set to half its normal maximum ( hit points). Furthermore, all enemy creatures within 2 squares (10 feet) of the Threat are immediately Pushed up to 4 squares (20 feet) away from the Threat, and suffer 1d6 points of bludgeoning (physical, common) damage. Affected creatures may make a Fortitude save versus a DC of 14 to reduce this damage by half, and reduce the push to 2 squares (10 feet). After this attack resolved, the Threat can slide up to 5 squares (25 feet) to a space adjacent to an enemy creature. All of this occurs as a free action at the start of its turn, and once it is resolved, the Threat's immunity to damage expires. It must perform this attack before any other actions during its turn, and the immunity expires at the beginning of its turn even if it chooses not to perform the attack.

The Threat is killed for good the second time its hit points are reduced to zero or less.