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  • Range: varies (typically 30 to 300 feet)
  • Requires Line of Sight? No
  • Requires Line of Effect? Yes
  • Usable for Combat Targeting? Yes
  • Bonus/Penalty vs. Stealth? Perception check with a +5 circumstance bonus
  • Ignores Invisibility? Yes

Description: A creature with tremorsense can feel a target's contact with the surface he walks upon. Any non-stealthed creature touching the designated medium (earth, water, etc.) within range is detected. The creature with tremorsense must make a perception check to detect stealthed creatures within range, but gains a +5 circumstance bonus to its perception. The DC of the perception check is equal to the stealthing creature's stealth check result. Invisibility does not provide any benefits to stealth against creatures with tremorsense. Detected creatures do not have concealment.

Tremorsense does not require line of sight, but must trace line of effect through a solid or liquid medium (earth, water, etc.). Typically, the sense only works on one such medium, which must be determined at the time the sense is acquired (or as shown in the creature's description, as applicable).

Tremorsense does not allow the detecting creature to distinguish between friend or foe, nor does it provide enough detail to allow the detecting creature to attempt a lore check against an unfamiliar creature, or recognize previously encountered individuals.