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Condition Severity: Weak

   You're not sure why, but it suddenly seems like a long way down to the ground, where your feet are.


  • If you move from your starting space during your turn, even via 5-foot step, teleport or forced movement, you have a 50% chance of falling Prone after the movement is completed.
  • Movement that occurs outside of your turn does not trigger a roll.

Ended By

If the ability, trap, or effect description includes specific directions for how the condition is ended, then that is the primary means of ending this condition. In many cases, it is the only way to end the condition. If nothing is specifically listed for ending the condition, then the following methods can be used to end it, instead:

  • You may spend a move action to steady yourself, immediately ending the unsteady condition.
  • If you become Prone for any reason while under the effects of this condition, this condition immediately ends (but you are Prone, instead).
  • You may spend a swift action to attempt an Escape Artist roll against the Maneuver Defense of the creature who inflicted this status. If there is no creature involved, the DC is a challenging DC for the CR of the effect. If successful, you shake off the condition. If you fail, the swift action is expended to no effect. You may retry this as often as you like, as long as you have sufficient actions to do so.
  • If not cleared, unsteady automatically ends at the end of the encounter.