Vehicle Classes

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Vehicle Class

Each vehicle has a class, which is very much akin to a character class. Each vehicle class is different, in that each class has favored upgrade types and special abilities which are unique to that class. While a ship's class dictates which ability score the pilot uses for all checks (see Vehicle Attribute below), players are encouraged to pilot whichever class of vehicle interests them. While stepping outside your normal role may mean you use a less optimal ability score for piloting, it could be more fun to have a completely different play experience during vehicle combat than the experience you get from your character class.

The vehicle class names provided here are only suggestions. GM's are encouraged to come up with their own names that are more appropriate for the setting and theme of their campaign, if they prefer.

A vehicle's class cannot be changed, nor can a vehicle have more than once class. If a player wishes to pilot a different class of vehicle, he would need to purchase a new vehicle of the appropriate class.

Vehicle Class Vehicle Attribute General Theme of Class
Host Any The most generic vehicle class, and also the class offering the least customization.
Stout STR, DEX or CON This class is more defensive in nature than the Host-class, with somewhat more customization options.
Verity INT, WIS or CHA This class is more offensive in nature than the Host-class, with somewhat more customization options.
Ardent STR Best at close range, decent damage, decent durability
Picket DEX Fast, tricky, good damage when not head-on with enemy
Vanguard CON Very durable, can block/interdict attacks, slowest, lowest damage
Foment INT Highest damage, lowest durability
Witness WIS Provides buffs and debuffs, battlefield control
Spree CHA Illusions, weird attacks, debuffs, tricky movement