Weapon Finesse (Feat)

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You have learned to use your speed and agility to wield your light weapon in melee.

Prerequisites: Level 1, proficient with a light or finesse weapon

Related: Power Attack (Feat), Two-Weapon Fighting (Feat) War Whip Finesse (Feat)

Benefit: You gain a +1 feat bonus to your melee attack rolls with any light weapon, as well as a +1 feat bonus to Maneuver Offense rolls.

Special: If you are wielding a weapon with the Finesse quality, you can treat that weapon as a light weapon, even if it isn't (e.g. a Rapier). This means that the +1 to hit and Maneuver Offense from this feat applies to Finesse weapons you are wielding, you may use a Finesse weapon in your off-hand with Two-weapon Fighting as though it were a light weapon, etc. You must be proficient with the Finesse weapon, and it must be appropriate to your size, in order to gain this benefit.