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Condition Severity: Strong

   You have become so befuddled, you can't tell your friends from your enemies.


  • At the start of any turn in which you are Confused, you must roll a d20 and consult the following table to see what you do during the round:
d20 Result Behavior
1-5 Deal damage to yourself with an item in your hand, equal to your level + STR mod.
6-10 Do nothing but babble incoherently.
11-15 Attack the nearest creature, friend or foe. (Your familiar, if any, doesn't count.)
16-20 Act normally.

  • If you can't carry out the indicated action, you do nothing but babble incoherently.
  • You cannot make attacks of opportunity against anything that you are not already devoted to attacking.

Ended By

  • If an ally spends a standard action to slap some sense back into you, the Confused condition ends.
  • If you are given an opportunity to make a saving throw for any reason, you may use the saving throw to end the Confused condition. You do not even need to roll the saving throw, simply use it up. However, a saving throw used this way cannot be used for any other purposes except to end the Confused condition. Any other effects the saving throw might have allowed you to resist are treated as though you failed the saving throw.
  • If not cleared, Confused automatically ends at the end of the encounter.