What is a Character Class?

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A Fighter, wearing plate mail, dual wielding a short sword and a long sword. Everything else is up to the player to bring to life!

In the fantasy genre, beginning with ancient mythological tales retold for centuries around campfires, to modern storytelling retold through electronic storefronts, most stories, if not ALL stories, are about a hero. Books are often about a single hero, the main protagonist, that is, the person who Does Stuff that carries the story along. As a result of their often singular status, protagonists literally can have any skill or ability the author of their story wants them to have, and this can be supported by the internal logic of the tale being spun. To put it mildly, many protagonists are very capable.

However, this free-form, loosely defined way of doing things (while incredibly fun) isn't a very good way of running a shared game. If you are playing with your friends, you ALL want to be very capable, and also stand out in your own unique ways.

Therefore, in a role-playing game, not everybody is allowed to do everything. And that is what character classes are for. Epic Path has over a dozen character classes, and every single one of them, from the simplest to the most complex, is able to be built and played in dozens of unique and interesting ways. BUT, and here's the rub, each of them is distinctly different from the others. A fighter can be strong and powerful, but they will be strong in a very different way than a wizard will be strong. A paladin wields amazing power granted to them by their faith, while a prowler can dance through a battlefield with a deadly grace. A rogue is tricky and sneaky, while an alchemist is constantly pushing the boundaries of what their crazy "science" can do to make them more dangerous. Each character class brings its own style of play to the table, and each feels like a big damned hero to play, but none of them can truly shine until they have support from at least another character or two to help them.

What this means is that a character class is a set of in-game powers and abilities that are thematically and mechanically tied together, but feels distinctly different from the play style of any other class.

To make this even more fun, in Epic Path we have worked very hard to make each individual character class re-playable. In other words, there's not one kind of fighter; there are four predefined fighting techniques, and fighters are even allowed to define their own custom techniques if they want. Barbarians have four different miens, which each play and feel differently. Alchemists must pick and choose grand discoveries. Wizards have seven different schools, etc.

And if that still isn't enough diversity, we have rules for playing more than one character class with the same character!

So, while choosing your character class essentially means that you are not the singular protagonist in an epic novel, and thus able to perform every task needed to make the story go, it DOES mean that you will be a hero from the first session you play, and with the help of your friends, you can all do truly amazing things.

So, pick your class wisely, and get out there and play!!

Available Character Classes

Class Primary Role Potential Role Important Stat(s) Ease of design Ease of play Description
Alchemist Damage Support INT, DEX, CON Moderate Moderate Alchemists are mad-scientist types, who can use spell-like extracts, throw powerful bombs, and temporarily alter themselves with mutagens.
Barbarian Damage Tank CON, STR, (WIS or CHA) Moderate Moderate Barbarians are melee combatants that use their rage to deliver powerful attacks, often at the expense of their own defense.
Bard Support Healing CHA, DEX, INT Moderate Complex Bards are charismatic performers who provide many useful benefits to their allies, cast spells, and attack enemies with powerful blasts of sound.
Brawler Damage Tank STR, CON, DEX Simple Moderate A brawler is a heavy-hitting melee combatant, who favors bare-handed attacks over weapons, with good damage and decent defenses.
Cleric Healing Support WIS, CHA, STR Moderate Complex A cleric is a divine caster who can heal their allies even as they attack their enemies. They are only modest attackers, but their utility is unmatched.
Druid Support Healing WIS, DEX, CON Complex Complex A druid is a master of nature, who travels with a loyal animal companion, summons monsters to aid them in battle, and can transform themselves as well.
Fighter Tank Support STR, CON, DEX Complex Moderate Fighters can be powerful offensively, or defensively, but rarely are they masters of both. They are tremendously versatile; no two fighters are alike.
Monk Damage Tank WIS, DEX, CON Simple Simple Monks train in martial arts to deliver lots of rapid-fire attacks against their foes, either with unarmed strikes, or with specific weapons.
Paladin Damage Tank, Healer CHA, STR, CON Moderate Simple A paladin is a heavily armored warrior who augments their battle prowess with divine magic, allowing them to smite their foes, and bless their allies.
Partisan Tank Support WIS, CON, STR Simple Moderate A partisan is a melee fighter at the center of a battle. They excel at defending their allies, and changing the shape of the battle around them.
Prowler Damage Support STR, DEX, CON Simple Moderate A prowler is a highly-mobile combatant who can traipse through the battlefield, striking their foes from unexpected directions.
Ranger Damage Support DEX, STR, WIS Moderate Simple A ranger is a master tracker, who can deliver powerful attacks against a foe they have designated as their quarry.
Rogue Damage More Damage DEX, (CHA, STR, or INT), CON Moderate Moderate A rogue is an expert at stealth, and attacking foes who are unaware of them, capitalizing on their opponent's weaknesses to achieve victory.
Sorcerer Damage Support CHA, DEX, INT Moderate Moderate A sorcerer casts magic through a combination of their inherited bloodline, their intuition, and their unrivaled willpower, blasting their foes with powerful spells.
Warlord Healing Support CHA, (STR or DEX), CON Simple Moderate A warlord commands their allies to victory, granting them better positioning, tactical advantages, temporary hit points, and numerous other advantages.
Wizard Support Damage INT, DEX, CON Complex Complex A wizard is a scholar of the arcane, studiously perfecting their magic through rigor and practice. They are powerful, but also highly versatile.